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Should I be worried?


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Dale. nearly 8 months, came back from a walk last week with a tiny cut on his back paw. I cleaned it and kept an eye on it and it seems to have healed fine. I can squeeze it and he just looks at me as 'what's the fuss for'.

The trouble is he's not walking properly on the leg. Sort of giving a little hop to keep the weight off it, not all the time and he looks stiff when he gets up. Once we're out he's full of life and ready for anything. He just doesn't look right. I've kept him on lead and cut back on exercise but he's a bit subdued in the house.

Of course today is a holiday so the vet's closed and I can't really call it an emergency. He'd also been playing with another pup the day he got the cut so I'm wondering if he hurt himself then. Any ideas? or is there anything else I should do?

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My first thought is it's entirely possible he gave himself some soft tissue bruising pulling away from whatever cut him. That would account for the stiffness when he first gets started which he works out of.


If I were dealing with it I might just do slower walks and avoid stressing it until he seems to be moving 100% sound when he gets up. Maybe some people would do some kind of anti-inflammatory, which has it's pros and cons.


It's also possible the cut healed over but didn't heal from the inside out, you know what I mean? And now he's getting ready to have a little abcess. Keep checking it for heat. And if he is running a fever, I'd go right to the vet.


Now, the disclaimer...I am a newbie dog person. My thoughts might be worth squat. :rolleyes:

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