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Solo and Fly are both eight years old. They're in great shape -- especially Fly, who could easily pass for one or two years of age -- but of course, the older they get the more I want them to live forever.


I just ordered some of this stuff -- Animal Naturals "Young at Heart"




Has anyone ever tried supplements like these? I mean, I'm a realist, I know there's only so much a product like this can do (if it does anything at all) but at any rate, the ingredients look good and it doesn't seem like it could hurt to try the stuff.

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Nope. I'm afraid I haven't tried them, but I did give Acti-Pet Hip & Joint Defense by Nutraceuticals to my old GSD/Rough Collie. He did eventually succumb to Cancer at age 14, but he was an amazing hiker and hiked to several 11,000+ ft. elevation peaks with us when he was 11 and 12 years old, with very minimal difficulty. I do think that supplements helped to keep him extremely active and healthy until the Cancer took hold. For such a large dog (he was 96 lbs. in his prime) he did amazingly well.


It couldn't hurt to try them, if you feel good about the ingredients. I would probably try them, because I know that my old dog easily kept up with dogs that were half his age for a very long time because we spent a considerable amount of time and money on good food, exercise and supplements.

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