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Jack Knox Clinic this weekend

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Hi All,


I am located in Maryland. I heard there is a Jack Know clinic this week in Davidsonville. I would like to go as a spectator if possible/allowed. I was wondering if anyone had information on how I can reach the clinic host to get permission and directions.



Jeanine van der Merwe

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Here is the info I was emailed back some time ago. If has all the contact information you should need.


Jack is excellent and it is well worth attending even as an auditor.


Jack Knox Sheepdog Handlers Training Clinic

NEWARCC Petting Farm

1557 Governors Bridge Rd. Davidsonville, MD 21035

(410) 956-2135


June 15, 16 & 17 2007


The clinic will begin promptly at 9 a.m. each day and run till about 5 p.m. Plan to arrive at the farm by 8:45 a.m. so the clinic can begin on time. All dogs will probably work both morning and afternoon each day. Our instructor Jack Knox is in charge of the content of the clinic.



Clinic price is $185.00 per dog for three days. We will accept entries on a first come basis, determined by postmark date. Please register ASAP. Space is limited and this clinic fills quickly! NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN UNLESS YOUR SPOT IS FILLED. CHECKS WILL BE CASHED ON JUNE 1ST, 2007. Spectators are welcome and will be charged $15.00 a day.


Please bring your own crate. All dogs MUST be crated or on a leash when not working. You may visit the farm pond with your dog only during the lunch break or after the clinic has been dismissed. Please only bring dogs and puppies that are entered in the clinic.


No dogs allowed in or near the petting farm area at any time!!!!!


Please have your dog’s current vaccination certificates for Rabies and DHPP with you. Handlers are financially responsible for any animals or materials damaged by their dogs, vehicles, families, and guests. All children must remain with an adult at all times.


Lunch will be supplied for $7.00 per day, per person. Lunch is served in the picnic area near the petting farm.


Motels in the area are: Rip’s Country Inn Bowie, MD 301-805-5900 and Comfort Inn, Bowie, MD 301-464-2200. Call me if you would like to bring a camper as we have a limited number of hook-ups available.


Please make checks payable to NEWARCC and mail them, along with registration, to:


Debbie Collison

1557 Governor Bridge Rd.

Davidsonville, MD 21035

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