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Guest Wendy V

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Guest Wendy V

Hi Amanda,


Another question before you go.


My young dog has started something new this week. His outrun on the left side, always tight and rushed, has improved nicely this week, after a couple lessons with Scott Glen. He leaves with determination, but is overrunning the top to the point where he looks in and decides that it is better just to go about again. All attempts to stop him are ignored. Attempts to block him with my body are ignored (he just runs wider around me). I can get him stopped at balance when I back up to a fence, where, I believe, he feels that he finally has control of the sheep. The right side doesn't produce this result. Scott barely pressured him at all on the left, but it seems to be a stress reaction to his discomfort on that side. Again, the shape and distance of his left side is much improved, but this has taken me by surprise. We only work close at hand. How would you handle this?


Best regards,



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Guest Amanda


Good Grief!

If Scot Glen couldn't help you on the spot, how am I to assist you hundreds of miles away? It sounds as though he gave you good advice and the results you are looking for will not come over night, if the dog has been doing it for a some time. Be patient and strive for incremental improvements, ending each training session on a relative upward trend. Soon, if your dog is agreeable, you find he makes sense out of the job and likes it more and behaves.

Thanks for all your kind comments and lively questions.


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