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Alering a male BC

Guest Bart

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My BC has now learned to escape from the fenced yard and has taken off several times on his own hike. Last night he got out and chased a coyote. He comes back directly, I keep pretty close tabs on my dogs so I know if they got away sometimes within minutes. He so far comes back directly either when he is out of breath or hears me call him. He doesn't show any obvious signs he is looking to mate but will fight with my other bc who was in tact until he was 2.

What are your thoughts on altering him.

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Guest Amanda


You did not say how old your dog is. After three and maybe even two, neutering doesn't change a dog's behaviour much. It would have to have happened earlier.

I have no strong thoughts about neutering. With retirees an exception, I do not keep a spayed female or neutered male here. It's a little counter to the goals of sheep dog trialling, to sort out the best dogs from their peers with the ultimate aim to produce better. Dogs with which you compete should have the attribute of being breed worthy.

In your case, you could forget the fenced yard area for that particular dog and go for tying him up. Change his management, since the one you have does not seem to suit. I have no particular objection to neutering outside of the one cited. If you think it will solve your problems with that dog, by all means.



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