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Question regarding behavior???

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My border is 2 years old and we have had a probelm with him getting angry and biting. Every once in awhile he gets very vicious. He will attack the hands and arm. My mother was petting him the local fire alarm went off, which I hurts his ears, I thinked it freaked him out and he bit two wholes in her hand and bruised her arm. We have to keep him tied outside because we live on a main road. Sometimes when we go to untie him he snaps like this. Everyone tells me to get rid of him, but I can't. I just love him to death, he is the child I will never have and I refuse to give him up. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to control this behavoir?

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How much exercise does he get?

What is a normal daily routine like for him?


First it is a good idea to check with a vet and make sure that this is only a mental (and not a physical) problem.


Did the aggression come on suddenly or has it always been a problem? If it is new - is there anything (that you know of) that was really traumatic for him recently? Something that might have made him become more sensitive/touchy/scared?


When he does bite, is he always in a scary situation? (fear aggression) or are people trying to move him/touch him physically? (possible dominance aggression).


There are different types of aggression and I think that the first thing that you need to do is find out WHAT is making him angry. Until then - it will be very hard to fix the problem if you don't know the cause.


So what EXACTLY was happening when he became aggressive?

oh and have you always had him or is he a rescue?


I know it is a lot of questions, but the more info the better.

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Peggy65 - You've posted this question twice in this section. It would be best if you would delete the other thread (I've moved my reply here) so folks aren't replying in two places.


You have done the right thing to recognize that you have a real problem, and decide to seek help. However, keeping your dog tied outside instead of having him growing up and living inside with the family is probably a large contributing factor to his aggressive behavior.


What you have is a young, intelligent, active dog that seems reactive to motion and sound (and many Border Collies are as that's part of their genetic background) - that has been tied up outside. That is no life for any dog, much less a Border Collie with its intelligence and energy levels.


Since he is already exhibiting aggressive behaviors that pose a threat to your family members, you really need to consult with a qualified behaviorist or veterinarian that deals with aggression issues and retraining.


I don't know if it is "too late" to retrain this dog to be a trustworthy companion if this aggression has become an ingrained habit. It seems that you and your family don't have the experience to deal with this and to make a positive impact on this dog, or he would not have "progressed" to this stage of aggression.


As long as you keep this dog outside, tied up, and not as a "member of the family", I doubt you will ever see any improvement, even with professional assistance, and you may very well see an increase these dangerous behaviors.


A dog should almost NEVER be kept at loose outside. That's too dangerous for many reasons. Being kept tied out is cruel for any dog. An adequate kennel situation is an option for a Border Collie that is worked with stock or other suitable activity for sufficient hours of the day to fulfill its needs for mental and physical exercise.


I hate to sound harsh but this is a dangerous situation. I surely hope that you will get professional help with your dog, and change some things in your life that would allow him to live in a suitable situation, which is not what he has now.

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Peggy65 - I saw your reply in the stockdog training section, and hope you move it here and delete that thread so you can combine everything in one place.


I apologize but the first thing I should have said was, "Welcome!" I was in a hurry and forgot my manners.


I see from that reply I mentioned that he is an inside dog. I would like to reiterate my opinion that, as you are experiencing aggressive behaviors that have resulted in injury to your mother (and you mention "vicious" behaviors), that you should look into professional assistance from a behaviorist or veterinarian who is qualified and experienced in working with dog aggression issues.


Best wishes in getting help for you and your dog!

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