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I want to say thank you to everyone here for all of the great information and advice that is available. After much deliberation and consideration Rory (see avatar) arrived at our house on Feb 14. She was 8 weeks old at the time (she just turned 3 months on Monday) and has kept us on our toes ever since. I did a lot of research before making the decision (it was a surprise for my wife), but there have been lots of questions I have found answers for here on this board. I am glad I found yall and look forward to the growth of our new gal. I will try and add some pictures, these are from the day after she came home, I will try and post newer pictures later if this works.






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Welcome to the boards. Rory is cute. I really like her markings. I'm glad you did your research before you got her. I wish more people would do that. There would be less homeless dogs for sure.

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