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Update on fights

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Not sure if you remember or not, but I posted a few weeks ago about my new puppy. She and my other dog, a few years old were having issues. But evidentally the grown dog, Pepper, has put the puppy, Candy, in her place. They have been getting along great. It is so much fun to see them chasing and playing with each other.


But it was hard to just let them work it out. Candy must have been one rude puppy because on several occasions Pepper had to really scold her. Nothing real serious a lot of noise, but no real damage. Then after Candy learned to behave Pepper was ready to play. The first time she tried to play with Candy, Candy was really confused. It was so funny. Her expression said it all, "You want to what?! Or are you just setting me up to teach me a new lesson?" Lol


Thanks for all of your input. It helped me let them work it out, and encouraged me that I did not have a permanent bad mix betweent he two.

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