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Update on kitten

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Well, it is a he. His name is Mo. Per vet age is 4 to 6 weeks. The bad eye is a blind eye. Seems it is prolasped. He will remove it later. Mo goes back in 2 weeks for shots and check up on the eye. I'm to keep compressing the eye and applying antibotic ointment. His good eye has a scar. Hoping the ointment will help that as well. Has ear mites. Going to do the one time treatment. It is a little more expensive but with all the kitten has been thru already, I think a one shot deal would be best. If possible we will wait till time to neuter Mo before we remove the eye. But that depends on how the eye is doing though.


I bought another rabbit pen and that is Mo's current home. He has room to move around, sleep quarters, food area and a litter pan. Best of all he can start getting acclimated to the household and still have his own secure space. This will work till he gets more strength and Molly adjusts to the little interloper. Later it can be turned into his bed.


Thanks for the help.

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They are love with Mo. They keep wishing they could play more with him. But till his eye issues are resolved and till he gets a bit bigger , the kids will just have to deal with supervised and short play times. Being a baby Mo takes quite a few naps. lol Currently, Mo is sleeping on the back of hubby's neck.

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well isn't this a nice thread to catch. I love rescue stories. Sounds like the little guy landed in exactly the right place :D I'm sure he will do fine even with the eventual loss of his eye :rolleyes: He is a lucky little dude even with that.


I have a little long haired light orange kitten I found wandering on road,where I almost hit him. He was covered in fleas, had terrieble eye infections all the usual sick kitten stuff. He is the most adorable cat& terrizes the rest of my crew. But has never been over four pounds ever. I'm not sure if it was being mal nourised or what but he's tiny terror And I'm so glad to have him.

Andrea D.

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