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Help Dehydration and Starving

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As you know Lady was starving when we found her and we feed her very carefully till we got her up to a point where we are feeding twice a day slightly more then she should get to continue to build her up. She's feed at 5:30 am and 5:30 pm. She gets canned food with a cup of cooked ground beef and rice for the iron (also getting a iron vitamin). However this doesn't seem to satisfy her. When she's walked she constantly hunts for food and will eat anything she finds and I mean anything. I know this is due to her being on her on and starving but I wondered if there is anything I can do to help her realize this is not nessarry any more. She is not food aggressive. She allow me to take things from her when I catch it. I'm worried she'll get something that will harm her.

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Maybe you could redirect Lady by carrying some healthy treats for her while you walk. I'm not sure if that will work, but it's worth a try. I can't get over how much you have done for her. It's nice to hear she is coming along so well.

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Rice will do as well, but beans have fewer calories (i.e. per 1/2 cup) if you want to give her more to eat but not add too many more calories in addition to the rice. I just drain the can first to get rid of extra sodium and put them in with the other food. A little canned pumpkin is also a good fiber source - the 100% pumkin, not the pie filling.


It sounds like she's coming along so well! I'm sure it'll just take time to learn she's got caring people now who won't let her starve.

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YES--canned pumpkin! They absolutely LOVE it, and you can get gallon sized cans (much cheaper than individual cans) at Smart & Final. This is what I always use when I put someone on a diet, and don't want them to feel like they're not getting full enough. They like the taste, cuz it's kinda sweet, and it has fiber and vitamins. I've just always mixed in into the kibble,


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I tried to reply to your private message but got a weird error message.


It would be good if you could divide up her meals further. Fiber will help but not as much as literally having more feedings. It's just that she associates that empty feeling with being scared and on the edge of survival. It's normal for her situation, and it will fade as the predictability of her situation starts to sink in and replace her memories of being on the run.


Another thing that will help a lot is to offer some nice big raw marrow bones, not with a ton of meat or actual marrow, but something to gnaw on. She will love you for it - you do the "hunting" and give her the meat - what a deal! :rolleyes:

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I have not been following this thread, but that old dog looks marvellous! You've done something right. I love people who love senior dogs. Some of the best dogs I've rescued have been seniors. Good for you!! And good luck with her.



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Lady has been moved from Isolation in the garage to her new pen next to Dixie's. It is separated by 20 feet. She still will not be allowed to get close to Dixie till she finishes her Doxycyline at the suggestion of the Vet. We hope Dixie and her can get their acceptance of each other started. We're walking them at the same time in close proximaty. Also we alternate who takes which dog everytime. I don't think Lady will be a problem but we'll have to work with Dixie.


Lady's health seems to be steady improving. The swelling in her legs has gone done and her energy level has climbed. She's ready to go for a walk and wants to explore her new home. The hookworms and round worms have been eliminated, and her gums have a good color as we get the anemia under control. In about 2 weeks when she finishes her antibiotics I'll take her back to the Vet for a recheck and evaluation of the possible mammilary lumps the Vet felt before.


As I said before this was somebody's girl. Too many things point to it. She sits at her pen door for you attach her leash. When you call her to you she comes and sits at your feet. She has no hesitation about returning to her pen. Also she knows this is where she sleeps and she has never has an accident, she always waits till she goes for a walk. I feel She'd do even more if I knew her name. She doesn't understand I'm talking to her because she doesn't recognize being called Lady, but we're working on that.



Lady's new pen. Got a rubber mat floor like Dixie's on the way.





Her neighbor Dixie.



Cheryl & Mack

Dixie Belle & The Lady

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