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Wound healing - how much longer should we wait?

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I'd wait to start exercise for a few days after the area is fully scabbed over and still keep it wrapped during activity to prevent it catching on something and ripping open again. For your weeklong seminar, I'd keep her foot wrapped as well since it'll probably still be a bit vulnerable.


Tea tree oil (diluted) - I use Miracle Coat's "Miracle Mist" - would help promote healing and prevent scarring right now.

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I just went through a very similar situation. Multiple vets told me that a wound like that (not having seen a picture of yours) would normally heal in about 2 weeks if it was stitched, but if stitching wasn't an option (as in your case) it would take about a month to heal.


I restricted activity for the first 1.5-2 weeks, and then I had the vet take a look at it. What he was looking for was whether the loose skin had fully adhered to the flesh below it. Because it hadn't, he advised me to scratch from an agility trial at the 2.5 week point. By the time that weekend was up, the skin had adhered, and he said activity was fine but that I should still watch for two things: (1) infection (so make sure it stays clean and doesn't start draining or turn "angry" red); and (2) the dog licking at it excessively (i.e. licking enough to keep wearing off the top surface of the healing flesh). We're still keeping an eye on this last part. When life gets too boring she'll start licking, which causes me to look at her disapprovingly, which causes her to stop. At first I had to say "leave it", but now a mere look will do. It's a wonderful thing having a trained dog!

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That's not fun... 4 weeks! sigh...

When you took her back to the vet the second time, was the vet able to do anything else besides taking a look at it? Anything to speed up the healing process? I put a bandage back on the wound so that she can't lick it too much.

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I'm not a vet, of course, but I do seem to have the world's most accident-prone BC, thus my acquired "expertise" on this subject.


Nix on the glue idea. If you don't want to stitch after 6 hours, you surely don't want to glue, for all the same reasons. Some additional reasons not to glue, according to my vet, are that stitches allow the wound to drain but glue doesnt. and that the dot of glue acts as a "bolus" in the middle of the healing tissue when you just want tissue to grow together with tissue.


About the four week wait, that's how long it should take to heal completely. However, my dog was at full activity level by about 2.5 weeks with vet approval, and actually at nearly full level a bit earlier (I cheated). The key is whether the skin is adhering to the tissue below. Once it adheres, activity probably won't change that, but you still need to make sure the wound stays clean and uninfected while it finishes healing


There's not much you can do to speed things up. One round of this is all it takes to convince you to get stitches right away instead of waiting a bit to see if the wound closes on its own :rolleyes: As much as possible, expose the wound to air (i.e. remove the bandage when you're not out running around, and when you can keep an eye on the dog and make sure she's not licking it). That will speed things up a bit. And keep it dry.


For keeping a dog from lbothering leg wounds, I can't say enough good things about the "bandage guards" sold by www.bonafido.com It's hard to tell from the website what the darn things even are, but they are one of the best purchases I've ever made,

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