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lab-bc mix/chocolates

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My pedigreed chocolate lab female accidentally got mated to a neighbor dog whose ancestry is unknown, but he looks very Border Collie.

She had 8 puppies: five black with collie white markings, and 3 chocolate (almost totally, one has some white feet).

I am surprised because I thought chocolate was recessive, and wouldn't occur unless both parents had chocolate in their genes. Is there such a thing as a chocolate Border Collie?

Does anyone have thoughts to share about this?

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red is recessive so ya both would have to carry the gene, BC's DO come in red and white, the shades ranges from almost yellow to a dark chocolate.(hence why we call it red and white and not Chocolate, although in austrialia they do call the darker red chocolate and lighter red is known as "aussie red")

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Also, though it may not be the case in your particular situation, bear in mind you can have half-siblings in the same litter. This would happen if she were bred by two or more different males - in case the possible-BC dog had "competition" for your Lab's affections. I've seen a number of litters where you have a bunch of pups who look alike and then one or two who are clearly NOT the same (as in, a Golden retriever litter with one Rottie-marked shortcoated pup, for instance). Sometimes this comes as a complete surprise since the odd pup out may be sired by a dog which can jump fences or something of that nature.


However, if the "culprit" sire is a mix, God only knows what genetics he might have lurking in his background, just waiting for a chance to pop their adorable little heads up. Plus BCs can have a WIDE range of appearance, so even a purebred BC might produce a variety of different "looks".

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