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We're running out of ideas for teaching "fun tricks"

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I'd like to hear what kind of fun tricks you have taught your BC to do. Beyond basic commands, we have taught Cody:


-"Circle" -Turn around in a circle

-"Tunnel" -Go through our legs, then back through again

-"Reach for the sky" - sit and "beg"

-"Pray" - put both paws on chair, put head down

(We're trying to get him to growly-talk so it sounds like he's really praying)

-Get your (ball, dragon, etc.) from the basket and bring it to me

- Give me this paw, give me that paw, give me this paw (he goes to about 5 times)

- Play dead


Any other fun tricks and any suggestions on how to best teach them? Thanks!

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roll over :rolleyes: lol I dunno.


Lets see.. My Lab mix knows

Sit, down, stay, come

roll over

play dead (I "Shoot" him with my hand and he "dies")

shake, high 5, high ten.

sit up

wave "bye-bye" (He does this with both paws from a sit up)

dance (I say dance and hold move my index finger in a circle and he turns around jumping up twice in the circle, he cant stand on his hindlegs that long lol)


and Dally knows all of those except dance, sit up, bye, bye and high ten, as I dont want her doing those until her hips and joints are done growing.


That's all I know lol I think there is a trick list somewhere on the board from a lil while back

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Hmmm...good list you've got going!


All I can add is...

-roll over

-balance the treat on the nose

-wave a paw (as in bye bye)

-one of ours was taught to answer questions by barking once at you if you ask a question that ends in an obvious question mark sound in your voice. You can ask if he is a handsome man, or what he thinks, etc.

-army crawl

-get your leash

-pick up stuff you drop, one of mine will pick up anything you drop, even hard stuff like credit cards, etc and will present it back to you

-teach the names of family members. you can say 'go to mom' or 'go to dad', then up it and ask him to 'take it to mom'. we have one that will run paper messages back and forth between my husband and I. He will also take water bottles out when he is mowing grass and will wait for the empty bottle and bring it back to me.


That's all I can think of right now.



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Lay Down



Get down

Bring It

Drop It

Get your....

Where is....

Eat your food




No or Annnh or shhhht


High Five

Roll Over

Touch (put her nose on whatever im touching)

Let's go

Get the remote

Take this (put in mouth and hold)

Give it to Daddy, Mommy or Johnna (my best friend)

Get the mouser

Through (go through hoop)

Wanna go for a ride/walk?

Who's here? (look out the window)

Get him! (play time with daddy)

Get daddy up

Give daddy kisses

Jump (jump in air)

Hug (get on back feet and put paws on shoulder and let be hugged. (she will ONLY do this with me and sometimes hubby)

She also knows not to go inside or outside before we go through the door first. Upon coming inside she waits at the door to be told she can go play or whatever.

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My list....I posted it a long time ago but it is gone. :D


o Crawl

o Bow

o Dance (on your hind legs)

o Scratch your back

o Shake hands (both paws)

o Roll over

o Play Dead/BANG

o right

o left

o Through (run through my legs)

o Under (go between my legs and sit)

o Figure 8 (though legs)

o Crawl backwards

o Chill (put your nose into my hand)

o Push-ups

o Heel backwards

o Speak (bark)

o Whisper (whine)

o Go to your bed

o Pray

o Where?s your nose?

o Dig

o Scoot (scoot backwards in a sit)

o Back up

o High five

o High ten

o beg (sit up on her butt)

o Limp

o Turn lights on

o Turn lights off

o Unload the dryer

o Pick up anything I point to

o Carry things upstairs

o Close the door

o Alert me to the oven timer

o Grape vine (though legs)

o Smile (like a snarl)

o Take Peanut (other dog) for a walk

o Up (put your paws on me)

o All the way up! (jump in my arms)

o Open your crate (with tab)

o Close your crate (with tab)

o Get in your crate

o Ride a skateboard

o Get your leash

o Play the piano

o Put on your collar

o Climb a ladder

o Hold a cookie on her nose

o Jump through my arms

o Shake your head, yes

o Shake your head, no

o Balance a book on your head

o Wiggle (like shaking water off)

o Wave

o Sneeze

o Fluff the pillow (shake it to death)

o Find a toy by name

o clean up

o Walk on hind legs

o Hug (paws on my shoulders)

o Kiss

o Go home

o Jump over my leg

o Push a ball to big to pick up

o Lick your nose

o Wag your tail

o Hit (hit my hand w/ your nose)

o Read commands

o Hug Peanut (put paw on other dog)

o Get in the tub

o One step (forward one step)

o Back step (back one step)

o Get a tissue

o Find the keys

o Take my hat (off my head)

o Give Peanut (other dog) a kiss

o Jump rope

o Go over a jump on hind legs

o Walk up stairs on hind legs

o Get your tail

o Cover your eyes (like shame)

o Where?s you nose?

o Back flip (without Frisbees)

o Do all stuff/tricks blindfolded

o Push a shopping cart

o Howl/sing

o Spin the globe (paw at it)

o Yawn

o Head up

o Head down

o Chime (ring your doorbell)


There are actually a lot more, but these are the most "tick" like ones. But there are a whole lot more commands - well over 100 (like "go find daddy" and obedience/agility commands - sit, down, stay, place, out, tunnel, weave, etc). But that should give you something to work on. :rolleyes:

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Teaching tricks isnt all that hard you just have to figure out what motivates your dog. My Lab mix will do ANYTHING for food, I mean ANYTHING. So, when learning tricks it's treats, after he learns it, he'll do it without treats as a behavioral, "Do what mom says" type of thing. Dally on the other hand doesnt really like treats but she'll do anything for pets, or praise voice, or my attention, and when she gets told No she thinks it's the absolute end of the world lol. You jsut have to figure out what motivates yours and, keeping the sessions short decide how to get that manuever.

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Kat, that is an AMAZING array of tricks! I am now SO motivated to teach Cody more! Yesterday we taught him to "crawl" but it looked more like "low hopping" to us, it was hysterical.


My daughter also just taught him to put his head on her shoulder when she kneels down to the floor and says "hug".


BCs are just SO SMART!

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Originally posted by nowwown:

BCs are just SO SMART!

You can say that again! :D When we first got Beau, I knew nothing about border collies except that they liked to herd sheep, but I have been smitten ever since by their intelligence and intuitiveness, and unless you live with one, you will never know the extent of how special they really are! And I think I've learned more from him than he has from me! :rolleyes:


P.S. One trick I like doing with Beau is getting three non-see-through plastic cups, and putting something under one of them, and then rearranging them and having him pick the cup that has the object under it. You should see him focus when we play this game!

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I live in a fairly crowded beach neighborhood. A surprisingly useful command for us is "on top," which means jump up and sit on whatever I'm pointing to (park bench, seawall, etc.). I used to do it because it kept my dog from getting in trouble (other dogs, chasing cats, etc.) when out on a walk, but now it's more a social thing. Get up where it's easier for me to rub your chin!

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