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New here and of course with ?'s

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I have been lurking for the past couple days and absorbing what I can. I have interest in aquiring a Border collie for Agility and OB trials but due to what Im reading I dont know if that will work or not and thought I'd ask for opinions.


I will start by saying I have never owned a BC. I have worked for 6 years at a vet clinic and attended OB classes and my experience has been limited to ineracting with them in only those 2 places.

I do currently own 3 other dogs, 2 APBTs who are now spayed/neutered after having competed with them in UKC and a younger AmStaff who is intact who I show and do ob with in AKC.

I also have a 3 year old daughter who has grown up with the above mentioned dogs who are great with her. My concern is what I've read as far as BC's and young children and that they aren't a good match.

While I enjoy my current breed I own the overwhelming BSL has me relunctant to add another and I am just searching for another breed that will be a happy working partner in competitions and that will suit our family.

Any input??

Thanks for your Time in advance!

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I suspect the reason my Violet became homeless is that she could be very scary to the non-dog-savvy parent and/or child, who might misinterpret her behavior as aggression. However, with a parent who wouldn't freak out and get rid of the dog if it happened to nip the child's ankle, or a child who knew not to be ham-fisted with dogs, someone like Violet would work out fine. She's very people-friendly, even to the vertically-challenged among our species. She just has her little quirks.


OTOH, there are folks on this board who have experienced BC with real aggression problems, some of whom will probably reply to this thread (the people that is, even BC aren't quite that smart).


If I were you, (and yes, I am a bit prejudiced in favor of rescues) I'd get a young adult from rescue who's lived with children in his/her foster home. That way, you won't have to wait very long for him to be old enough for jumps, etc., and you'll already know how child-friendly he is.

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I agree with painted pony, a rescue would be a good idea, it would have been assesed by the center and you would have some idea of its potential. Although, I must admit when i got my badger at a year old i really thought he was the thickest collie ever,LOL, after a good few months he really changed my mind and began to learn so much. They are all soooo differant, but i have had one who was very aggressive with kids and one who as he got older began to "worry" around kids, but Even though Badger is as soft as butter on a hot day :rolleyes: i still watch him when children are around.

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