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Okay, I know the title has got some people up in arms before even clicking, but it isn't what it sounds like- I promise! I'm on the side of the true Border Collie. :rolleyes:


I'm going to pick up my puppy next weekend (and I'm so excited it's crazy!), but I've been looking around the web for herding classes near me. The closest is about an hour away (also happens to be the closest agility classes). The classes are run by a group of trainers that, from what I could tell, specialize in different areas. They have herding, agility, flyball, and conformation classes offered there.


My question is whether or not I should even consider this place, because they do have conformation classes (and the lady who teaches conformation definitely had Barbie Collies in her photo).


Would it be unethical for me to attend these herding classes due to the conformation wing of this group? Heck, if I find out they do "AKC herding", then I wouldn't want to anyway, but I haven't been able to find out yet (and the dogs in the herding trainer's photo didn't /look/ like Barbies). Thanks, y'all.

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Rebecca ,

I can not tell you what is ethacal for you . But i Know of a man that runs his dogs in Open trials (usbch) and also runs them in AKC herding trials, he is a Usbch judge and a Akc Judge (herding He does not enter his dogs in comfermation showes . He goes out and works his dogs and gives back by judgeing.

I will ask you is this unethical.


I will do what is best for me and my dog if all i can get to is AKC hearding trials or clinics than so be it . I would even do ASCA trials

So all i say is go out and have fun with your dog If you feel that a AKC herding clinic will make you a bad person than do not do it and someone else will take your place !



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IMO, it does NOT matter where you train for Agility (or herding). They can't make you compete in AKC trials. Just because they may have Barbie collies (I know it must be VERY hard to look at though :mad: ) and train conformation doesn't mean that they are "bad" trainers or will make you do it.


My training center (which I love!) offers breed ring classes and does train for AKC agility as well as other places. That just makes them an all around training center. If my trainer got a Barbie collie (which she never would anyway, she is a "real" BC person) I would not stop taking classes. She would still be just as great a trainer as before.


If there is a better place that DOESN'T have Barbies then YAY! Go for it! That would be better of course! But this place is probobly fine and it will be fine if you go there - just don't pay attention to their BCs or the Conformation classes. So maybe they are on the other side of the Border Collie, if they are still great trainers......

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Falcon, thank you for your your commitment to the welfare of the border collie breed. Your consideration of the ethics involved in choosing a trainer is admirable, and the fact that not everyone thinks through the issues and behaves ethically in their dog pursuits only makes it the more admirable.


I don't think the fact that this group offers classes for conformation showing in itself would make it unethical for you to take herding or agility classes there. But I think Penny's suggestion is a good one.


Congratulations on your new pup!

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