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ARGH!! dog parks

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Dog park etiquette....




I have been going to the same park for about 3 years now, and I have NEVER had an issue! Then Yesterday I am with the same people That I have always been with there, a pair of boxers, a rott, and some labs, and yes Shelby is still pretty small, so I need to be careful. but this boxer, 6 months old 45 pounds keeps jumping all over shelby, and shes does NOTHING ABOUT IT!!! while i have to hold my poor puppy over my head to stop her from getting bitten and biteing back AND STILL THIS WOMEN DOES NOTHING!!!! i have a dog JUMPING ALL OVER ME NOW!!! and I am trying to get to the gate to get out AND NOTHING!!! I can't get there Because of this 45 pound PUPPY trying to attack my dog!!


I am very T/O 'd about this, and I have come to realize that the regulars in the park we go to have been and always will be snobs. :mad: .. to anybody they don't think sould be there. with this women who sees her dog aggroing another person and her puppy, yet refuses to do anything about it, I give up!!!!


so I guess what I am coming to is .... well now I feel better and I will socialize shelby elsewhere because it seems at the park she learns very very Bad behaivor.



Ok done ranting now.

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I have had to pick up my BC (who was around 7mo) several times from overbearing dogs. She would be very submissive to them, totally flat on the ground. I would pick her up and walk away. Once the dog followed us. 30# River starts to get heavy after a while :rolleyes: None of these dogs were being aggressive, but were very boisterous in their play which was too much for River.


But don't ever be afraid to yell to the owner to come get their dog. Repeat it over and over again. Just pretend Shelby is your small child - because then you will say something.


I like dog parks for many reasons. It's a way to practice off leash training (ie. calling dog back to me at times and rewarding) a way to exercise and a way to socialize. We have an 8 acre dog park, so walking the perimeter is quite common and I usually do that instead of standing around. River tends not to play with dogs that way (which can get her in trouble) but allows her to sniff and say hi to dogs along the way. Most of our regulars walk together instead of standing around.


You can also try going a diff time of day when perhaps it's less crowded in general, thereby eliminating the likelyhood of coming across an inconsiderate owner.

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This puppy is known for its aggressive behavior, not to many dogs, but she will find a couple that she doesn't "click" with and pick a fight. i got bit in the process (by shelby) of trying to get out, shelby was trying to fend off the boxer, and I being the Oh so very smart person that I am put my had in the way Lol , no blood but still painfull ish


I am going to have a talk with the woman today, then change our park times. I really hadn't thought of that (seeing to much red!!!) so thank you. our park is pretty small, i'd say about 1/2 acre.so it can get a little crowded...



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Dog parks are a mixed bag, totally depending on who is there when you go. Definitely ask , and ask again, and then yell to the owner of an over boisterous dog to please grab their dog. Some people need the old 2x4 to get their attention that something is amiss. One time at our local DP Hoku was romping with another BC, same age, size, play style, and I thought they were having a ball (taking turns on who chases who, on being on top or on the ground etc). It was pretty classic BC play, wild and fast. The owner pulled her dog away and sprayed bitter apple all over him :rolleyes: . I was floored (maybe by a 2x4?). That dog then just cowered under a bench the rest of the time. If she was uncomfortable (and that is TOTALY fine) just say so. I now always ask when he is romping with a dog if the owner is OK with the play style. Every one has been fine, but appreciated the question. Big lesson for me, and I am much more ready to jump in and ask other owners to step up and chill their pup if need be.


You may not have to give up on the DP, just adjust how you interact there with your sweet Shelby, since she's just a little one yet.


Good Luck!!

Kristin, Hoku and Gussy

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Good luck with the dog parks. I agree with everyone that they are hit or miss.. and you definitely need to speak up to the owners of the rougher dogs if you don't like whats going on.


We use to go alot, but seldomly go any more. We were there with our BCs and our maltese and had a Standard poodle attack our maltese and the owner was like. Thats what the dog was bred to do....


If you still want to do the park thing definetly go for off hours and invite some of your dogs "good" play mates out.

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I like dog parks. Kincorra never really played with other dogs so there was never an issue unless someone wanted her frisbee or tried to prevent her from getting it. Then she'd turn into a uberb**. I knew Kincorra well enough that I could let other owners know long before that happened, "Hey, my dog doesn't like to be chased, so she may turn around and bite." That gave them a chance to call their dogs away. But there were times when Kincorra was the unprovoked aggressor and I'd have to pull her away, but she always came when I called and there was never an issue.


Rufus, on the other hand, plays with everyone. He's not really rough, but he likes the smaller dogs and because of the size difference can be hard on smaller dogs. If I think it's too rough I'll call him away (like earlier tonight and a shitzu-something mix that wouldn't leave Rufus alone).


Other than that, dogs play rough sometimes; just like children will wrestle. Sometimes everyone walks away happy and satisfied and sometimes there's a broken bone. Life is funny like that.

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