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I need some help.

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I went to check on a red BC pup (8ish months) today, for possible foster. When i arrived to check on him, He was a sable rough collie! The people are moving on wendsday and cannot or will not be taking him with them. He is a sweet dog, but due to my limited space i cannot take him in without a guarantee'd place to bring him. As some of you know I am limited on space. I tried to find a rescue for collies but came up empty handed. Does anyone know of a rough collie rescue? I have pics and my brief assessment of him. I fear he'll be dumped at a shelter or worse if I cannot find him a place.


Here is a photo of him.



I will be away for most of the night, but i'll check in when i get back home. Please if you know of a rescue within reach of me (S.W. Missouri) I am willing to hold and transport him to a better life.



On a side note my and the crew are doing great! The weather is warming up and we look forward to returing to an active lifestyle! :rolleyes: Hope all are well and love the new boards.

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Foos!!! I've been wondering how you and the dogs were!! Glad to hear you're ok :rolleyes: My parents live near Kansas City, I'll ask them to look as well. My dad just broke his ankle and had surgery so I dont think they can do much, but it cant hurt to ask right! :D Good luck and thanks for trying to rescue this beauty.

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Good News! The lady who took their mastiff (she rescues them) also took the collie! :D Hopefully this guy will find a great home! I am pleased he won't end up in the shelter or dumped somewhere.


Since the weather is now beautiful, me and the terrible 3 are off for a walk. Zooks we are alive and well, just been lurking alot lately. I may not be active, but know I lurk in da' shadows! :rolleyes:

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