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Regarding your question about those of us in snow country herding in the winter:


I would say that most of us do not have access to an indoor facility and train outdoors all year round with the exception of those icy times when it is too dangerous for man or beast.


Yesterday I plowed a path with the ATV in the hay field to practice driving with my novice dog and moving heavy sheep with my PN dog...I do look like the stay pufft marshmellow man when I'm out to practice...this is no time for running...It was -18C yesterday plus windchill


The good news is that the sheep don't run fast in the snow, nor do the untrained dogs.

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Good advice, Anna!


A few months ago, I saw an ad for a local "sheep herding clinic" at a big dog facility nearby. Knowing NOTHING about this, but thinking it sounded fun, I called the place, and was assured by the secretary that it would be a PERFECT place to bring my dog, just to see if sheep were his thing. So, I paid the $95 and drove up (an hour both ways). It became immediately apparent, after I spoke to the actual herding trainer for 20 minutes, that he, like you, wasn't interested in herding for my dog, because I had no sheep, no farm, etc.. It was just going to annoy him and his sheep to have me there that day.


I really wish the person I had spoken to on the phone had known this, or if she knew it, been honest with me. I can take the "your dog doesn't belong in herding, with your lifestyle" easier than the missing $95!


I don't think Buddy suffered at all for having been with sheep one day. I'm fairly sure he doesn't remember it. I take him to look at goats and cows, at a pasture near a local park. He likes to look and sniff, but I don't think he's dreaming of winning a championship someday. :rolleyes:



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