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Have any of you used Melatonin for anxiety issues in your doggies? I was talking to a friend of mine who says it really works with her dog when he's injured and needs to forget about his bandages, etc. and another friend who uses it for thunderstorm phobia, but I figured the more info I can get on it the better.


I'd like to try it to see if it helps Maggie chill in her crate (also retraining crating behavior along with melatonin of course), and perhaps even stress in general (i.e. around my fiance's little brother, on campus, etc.). All the literature I've read says she'd get about 3mg up to 3 times per day given her size and that one dose generally lasts several hours.


I'd love to hear about using melatonin for anything, but especially anyone who's used it for general anxiety or separation anxiety. :rolleyes:

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I tried it with Speedy last spring when he was having serious German Shepherd phobias and there was a German Shepherd in his Freestyle class.


I think it helped him. He seemed a little better once I started giving it to him a couple of hours before class. The dog left the class after the first session, so I haven't used it with him since. Also, I was working some desensitization with him at the same time, so I couldn't really say that it was the Melatonin that helped alleviate the fear.

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