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Zamora Fire Benefit & Relief Fund

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From the UC Davis website:

On Saturday, October 14th from 10am-2pm, a benefit sheep dog demonstration with food, music, and a raffle will be held on the UC Davis campus. All proceeds will go directly to the rancher relief fund.
Read more about the benefit and relief funds here.



Many on the BC Boards have attended or heard of the legendary Zamora Hills sheepdog trial --- with a 600 yard outrun and a blind, 150 yard swale --- held at the home of the Slaven family in Northern California. A few weeks ago, a firestorm caused by downed power lines and high winds burned more than 11,000 acres of Yolo County ranchland, including the Slaven property.


"The fires scared many veteran fire fighters. There were at least two engines overrun by fire ... That was the most significant fire event that hit Yolo County in decades," said one fire captain.


There were no human fatalities, and the Slaven home was saved, but over 800 sheep, most of them pregnant ewes, died in the fire or were euthanized afterward to end their suffering. The sheep were trapped against a fence by the oncoming flames. Hay barns and pasture were also lost. Some screen caps from one of the news reports:


Bill Slaven:



The Slaven ranch:





The morning after the fire:



Donations can be made to the ranchers by sending checks to:

The Fires of ?06 Sheep Rancher Fund

c/o Umpqua Bank

203 Main Street

Woodland, CA 95695


Cowdog trainer/handler (and ABCA Director) Merle Newton, who experienced a terrible fire on his own property not many years ago, says that the border collie community is unmatched for kindness and generosity. So let's pitch in --- please spread the word about the benefit, and donate a bit if possible!

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The UC Davis Veterinary Emergency Response Team donated all medications and services to the ranchers by using limited grant and donation money. Those who wish to make an additional donation to the Veterinary Emergency Response Team can do so through their website, above.


UC Davis asks that you PLEASE DO NOT send donations for the ranchers to the veterinary school!

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I'm putting that in my calendar. We saw some of the damage on the news here. Seeing the stock was pitiful, and seeing Mr. Slaven describe what had happened was just as bad.


I'll be sending something along and hope that I can make it to the trial, it's only a couple hours from us. If anyone else from the boards goes, give me a holler, I'd love to meet up with any or all of you. Thanks for posting this, Luisa.



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We read about that tragedy in the local news, too. Just really horrible when animals get trapped by fire like that. Definitely send what I can to help. Thanks for the post.


Ruth, I'm going to try and go, too. Love to meet up with you.


Kristin, Hoku and Gussy

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Bless Dr. Madigan and those volunteers from UC Davis. This update was posted today:

Within the past few days, we have discontinued our regular, daily treatments of all sheep and are now evaluating the sheep daily and treating sheep that need our assistance. Yesterday, we successfully delivered a little ewe lamb (named Zamora) after her mother, unfortunately, had to be euthanized. Amid all of the heartbreak and hard work we have faced over the past two weeks, Zamora's birth has lifted all of our spirits.
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