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Dealing with the animal free peops

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So we're having a children's halloween party here tomorrow (why I'm on the computer is easy - I'm procrastinating) and I just have to laugh at myself because I'm stressing about the levels of clean I can get too vs. my friends who are pet free. They must think I'm absolutely crazy to want to live in what they see is filth (i.e. constant pet hair). They can actually go to bed at night with a spotlessly dusted house and wake up with it in similar conditions.


I don't even see the dust anymore, and I sit here and think to myself what would a normal house look like if it was clean, what have I ignored so long that truly discusts the normal population.


Yet I bet some of you are clean freaks and with 6+ dogs and 10 cats you are spotless and my hat is off to you.


Bottom line is hair everywhere is part of what makes me happy with 3 dogs 2 cats and 20 chickens so quit worrying about it right.


God bless my dh for putting up with me

wish me luck with 25 children tomorrow - should be fun


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True story. I got a glass of water last night, put it on the computer table and forgot I had gotten it while I was cleaning. By the time my hubby came home, about 2hours later, the glass had about 10 dog hairs in it. How, I have no clue. Whippin off counters drives me insane cause there is hair up there! How in the heck does dog hair get EVERYWHERE lol. It is definately something I've had to get used to. But Riven is worth it.

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Its really bad when you sweep and/or vacuum EVERYDAY at least twice a day and can't tell which is the real dog and which is just furballs. :rolleyes:


Oh well...sometimes it gives good excuse w/o hurt feelings for people you don't really feel like visiting w/ anyway.

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Here is what I want to know:


How does Dazzle's hair get into never-before-opened butter container?! :rolleyes:


I don't mind the fur coverings on everything. Just close your eyes, shut your mouth, and don't breathe - then you might just get out alive. :D

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Originally posted by fooshuman:

You mean pet hair doesn't makes a house a home? You sure because every house i've been in without pet hair seems less then homey!

How true I think that people with out pets should be able to buy some product like "Pet Hair in a Can"
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Hmmmm! dog hair, bunny fur, and bird feathers floating in the air and where do they land everywhere! fish scales stay in the tank, and luckily the turtles keep their shells to themselves!! LOL

I like a sign that a long time ago friend had on her door, that describes my home as well:

My house is clean enough to be healthy


Dirty enough to be happy! :rolleyes:

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