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Help with a limping issue!


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Well Lili is responding well to her treatments for GME - the doctor is very impressed that she regained her ability to blink her right eyelid since partial facial paralysis had set in. Anyhow, now she has developed a limp in her right front and the doctor believes it is unrelated to her neurological issue and is a disk in her neck problem - she doesn't like her head turned to the left all the way(?). We are treating her with meds right now since she has been through SOOOO much already. Anyone out there have success with meds treating this issue? If there is no progress in 30 days we're going to have an Xray done.



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My old Indy has a disc problem in his neck. Occasionally, when he overdoes the roughhousing with his buddies, he'll end up with a very sore neck--to the point that he'll scream when he has to bend it a certain way (for example, if he's lying on his orthopedic dog bed and needs to bend his neck in one direction to get up it will hurt and he will cry out, but only when he's aggravated the problem somehow). Treating with prednisone for a short period always resolves the issue. I can't remember what GME is and whether pred would be contraindicated because it's an immune suppressant, but any sort of antiinflammatory should help.



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Thanks so much for your info. We are treating her with Rimadyl and Tramadol as prescribed by her neurologist. Lili had been on prednisone for quite some time after she was first diagnosed with GME (it is a brain disease that is treatable but not curable - an encephalytis based brain disease). She gets cytosine arabinoside injections every three weeks twice a day for two days in a row as treatment for the GME.


She doesn't seem to be in any kind of pain and it is only a slight resistence to turning her neck to the left. We've taken her toys away and trying to keep her quiet and calm (yeah right she's a Border Collie!). Of course she's a horrible pill-taker but we wrestle and most times I win.


Hopefully this too shall pass and she'll be able to walk better very soon.


Thanks again for your info!


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