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Dog pictures in Signatures

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I had someone make mine on a virtual dog game. haha


If you have PowerPoint you can make one! Its just a slide that you save as a picture and put on photobucket.com or whatever. There is a lot of fun little things you can do with it, just play around.


Oh and just make sure its not huge because it will slow down peoples computers that use dial up like me! :rolleyes:



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The little cartoons are designed by Kellie. I think her id here is kellzie. She's made a ton for people on the BC Rescue boards just for fun, you might want to pm her about making you one. I do know she's leaving for Florida this week, so it might take a while, but she does have a great way of capturing each dog's personality. :rolleyes:

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I made mine using a program called Corel Photo Paint 11, it's pretty good. I took a random blue background and messed it up a bit, then cut out the pics using the same program and tinted them blue. Just get a good photo editing program and play around with it, you'll be surprised by some of the things you can create :rolleyes:

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Sincere Artisan I would love to take you up on that!! What kind of pics would you like sent and how many? I really really liked Donnas and yours. I was wondering if you could do something like yours with Riven and Rohan. Of course not exactly the same, but something. Is it too much trouble?

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Yes, as Erin said.. I've been making some signature cartoon dogs for alot of people on the BC Rescue board. I've still got a few left to do over there but once I'm done I'll gladly do one for anyone here who'd like one.


Here are some examples & or some of the newer ones I've done...















And as Erin also said, I'm leaving for florida tomorrow and wont be back until next monday... so if you message me and I don't respond, that's why.


If you'd like one just message me with the following;

a side shot & a face shot of your dogs

and a bit of info about them [personalities, favorite toys, etc]

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