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OT: Our Latest addition...

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As some of you know, my BF and I are really big reptile enthusiasts, on top of being BC owners. Well, last night my bf got his birthday/Valentines day gift...a Brazilian Rainbow Boa. He's a pretty red male who is fairly docile for a baby. I think the pic pretty much says it all....he was happy!






And just so we're not too far OT, here is Idolon standing in our snake room. Time like this, she looks sheltie-ish, she's so small...



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What a pretty snake. But I sure hope you're teaching him to enjoy dead meat, preferably chicken and such from the grocery.


My daughter and her family have two rescue snakes. Freddy eats defrosted frozen mice (I'll bet he'd accept chicken thighs). But Emmy has to have live baby mice.


I know that's true in the wild. But I don't bring in live birds for Maggie the cat or let Fergie the dog run down the neighborhood deer.


But then, I'm a bleeding-heart, liberal, feminist, & Democrat.

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Actually, BRBs aren't big bird eaters, and I doubt that aboreal snakes would accept a leg of chicken as prey. (Although I do know in the past, when people would force-feed snakes, that chicken thighs/legs were the selected prey source. It has since been proven, however, that force feeding stresses a snake out to the extent of death, and people have since turned to captive bred animals raised on frozen/thawed rodents, lizards. chicks, etc.) The snakes rely too much on the scent of the animal itself, I believe, like its dander/feathers. I do feed frozen/thawed rodents, not only because they're safer for the snake and more humane for the rodent, but also because they're easier to obtain, cheaper to purchase, and much more easy to keep on hand.


For now, however, this baby is on newborn rat pinks, and we're in the process of switching him over to frozen/thawed.


I have had rescue snakes in the past, and some 'tricky' eaters that would ONLY accept live prey. In that case, I was forced to feed live, to keep the animal alive because they would literally starve themselves to death if not. Most of the time, too, once they were comfortable we could switch them to f/t rodents.


Thanks for the compliments! :rolleyes:

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lol while I dont share your enthusiasm, I think your bf looks exceptionally happy, and thats what matters right! :rolleyes: Im scared to death of snakes. Not just your ordinary scared, I have a BAD phobia with them. I will probably have nightmares now cause IM talking about them lol. eek. But anyway, its really nice to see the gift made him happy. Congrats on the new addition.


Idolon looks SOOOO cute!! I would squeeze her lol.

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Aww thanks! I squeeze her all the time. :rolleyes:


Actually, someting funny I should have added, I included that pic of her in a thread on a reptile forum I'm a part of, because I was sharing pics of my snake room. Some one replied asking "everything looks ok but the dog...what the hell kind of dog is THAT?!!?" LoL. Silly Ido.

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Wow, what a cool snake! I have 2 snakes. A ball python and a gopher snake. I feed the gover snake live mice, and the python eats live mice, and rats. I've never actually tried the already dead mice but I dont think my gopher snake would eat them. Maybe the python, but the gopher snake is picky.

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