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Looking for a trick

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Ok, somebody here will remember what I am talking about


For our advanced class I have to teach Roxie a 3 part trick and I was thinking about the video I saw here of the dog (forgot who's)

Rolling over and covering up with a blanket.


I tried to search and find the post, but I am having no luck. Can anyone help me?

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I'm trying to teach Black Jack to put away his toys. So far he'll put one away and bring back two :rolleyes: If I can get him to roll over I'm going to try to teach him to cover up too. That would be awsome :D

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Dazzle feels so special. :D

I actually first saw the trick from Skidboot. So congrats to them for thinking it up! :D


Cleaning up is fun. I have managed to get Dazzle to wait, at most, 10 minutes before she gets them all out again. :rolleyes:

However, if you ever do the clean up trick in public - you will get a ton of people asking if you can train their kids!

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