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Figuring out My Siggy ;)

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I have to find something for my siggy. I have so much stuff to put in there I can't figure out what to use. :rolleyes: Did you guys have to wait for you pic thingy to load? I can't seem to get it to load in anything under 30 minutes. I'll keep trying. Maybe it's my slow as heck dial up :D

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Since you don't mind....I'll test mine too...haven't had much time to tinker today, so might as well give it a go while I have the chance.


edited: Hey... I'm not as computer illiterate as I thought...didn't take me too long to figure it out. hehe

Edited by Nik
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WOW I got it! Now I really feel stupid, I just spent half an hour trying to get the avatar to work and I was putting the IMG code in, not the URL. It was right there in plain view, Enter the URL :rolleyes: It's late, I'll blame it on that.

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