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Wow... isn't this just the snazzy new board?! I'm loving it!


All the admin and mods, you did a GREAT job! I've just barely had five minutes to look around, but it is great from what I've seen...


And I'm glad it's back up and running, I've missed everyone (even for the two days the boards were out!).


~Lindzey :rolleyes:

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Lol I just realized I had over 1000 posts!!! What a milestone.


I almost had to do the recovery thing, but I am smart and saved the email from the last time I forgot it. :rolleyes:

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Don't worry, DixieGirl! I had to experiment MANY times to get my signature and avatar squared away! There is a little "help" button that explains how those font thingies work. It's like mark-up language -- one goes before and one goes after your text. The "BB Code Help" button shows up on the lower right when you do the Edit Signature. Maybe it shows up elsewhere too, that's just where I found it, and it was quite helpful.

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YAY!!! Its back up! :rolleyes:

**Runs off happily to look around. . .**



The post times seem to be off.

And although I didnt forget my password, it wouldnt accept it for some reason.

But that was easily solved by making a new one.

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Somehow my user name changed so I did have to use the password recovery. It wouldn't take my old password either.


I did notice a lot of error messages instead of photos. I hope it's just kinks getting worked out with the new boards and not my computer!

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-raises hand- I had to recover a password, but that was simply because I couldn't remember my login name!! :D


I'm really enjoying these smilies... Don't be " :rolleyes: ing" at me because I'm in :D with Smilies!! :D


To put the certain colors and fonts in, you have to do the font color for example...



That's what'll come up. Now, right between the middle [] brackets, you type your message. (After the "#800080"] and before the [/color].


Like this for example.


It's the same with the fonts and everything else, that I can tell. :D If anyone has any questions about the new "technology" feel free to PM me. I'm pretty good with figuring things out.



:D~Lindzey :D

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I think it really kind of interesting to watch as folks add new information to their signatures, avatars, etc.


DixieGirl, keep playing around until you get the look you want. I think most of the info is fairly intuitive, but takes a little bit of tweaking.


Love all of the new avatars! Cool pics, SmileyZookie! I think the location information is good, too. It's nice to know where everybody is posting from.

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