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Something is wrong with Skip

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Bobh, that is a good thought but, I have all the dogs on advantix, and the ticks so far have been down in the woods, and I haven't taken Skip down there since his recall is not 100% yet. And, I think from what I have read about others with tick diseses, the recovery isn't this fast. If I am wrong in this assumption, please let me know!

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You might want to try separating the vaccines out rather than a combo to see if you can isolate which one is the problem. I'd be willing to bet that it's the L part tho - the lepto vaccine is known to cause reactions more than many of the others.

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Linda, I am with you, as far as, was it all shots? If he was acting "weird", and throwing up before the shots... then something was going on :confused: and like you said maybe the shots just made it worse.

I do agree with MaggieDog, about seperating the shots instead of administering all at once, that is alot of stress on their little bodies. Actually I have opted for the titers for Phoenix. He has only had his initial puppy shots in the 1st yr. and when he was "due" next time, I had him titered. The test came back "adequately protected" for Bordetella and Parvo. We have alot of ticks here, and my daughters dog, and my grandson were tested positive for lymes disease and treated, so we did get the lyme shot, and the Lepto since we are in a rural area, and Phoenix is doing herding lessons and therefore around livestock. Even if your Vet dosen't have the shots seperated at the clinic, they can be ordered like that. Apparently it is not a frequent request (unfortunately), by patients to have the shots seperately, so the Vets just order the combos (prob cheaper and more convienent for them.)

Anyway, as far as over reacting... let me just say this as it applies to human types... in all my years in the medical field, I couldn't even begin to put a # on how many times either long hospital stays, surgeries, or even death could have been prevented if someone had "over-reacted" or even acted for that matter. So I believe in being safe rather than sorry, and with our fur babies... they can't tell us what's wrong, it is up to us to do the right thing, and if a Vet, or another person thinks we over-reacted... so be it! you are Mommy, ALWAYS, go with your gut. You absolutely did the right thing...Thank God your baby seems to be ok.. I got a lump in my throat just reading the title to your post.

If that ever happens again... try to scoop up a bit of the vomit and give to vet and/ or asap a poop sample, and have them tested as well.

(((hugs to Skip))) and you too :rolleyes:

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Thanks bobh. I didn't know that. I will call the doc Mon. and ask about it. Especially since the symptoms are so fresh in my mind. But having explained all the symptoms and him knowing we live in the back woods, I will be very disappointed in this otherwise great doc, if he missed this! Will let you know Mon.


JoeAnne and others, thanks for the "feel goods"! I am just happy he is fine now but really wish I knew what it was that got him so sick! Probly be a mystery forever. One of many I suppose!

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