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Weird dog.

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When we first got Zeke I told you guys he had a "humping" problem, well we took care of that, but he still "humped" his stuffed animals, I didn't see any harm in it, just thought he was really weird, well he dosen't do it to all of his toys just the two stuffed dogs and Zeke's favorite the Trix bunny, He loves this toy to death, poor bunny is so abused. Do most dogs have a toy that they do this to and just love to death? Will the whole humping the toys stop after he is fixed? I hope it does cause it is really embarrasing when friends come over and he gets excited and looks for the bunny. He is such a dork, sometimes. I really do feel sorry for the bunny. LOL this thing needs to be bleached and washed again and again. Thanks Krista

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We had an altered male cat that had a real "thing" for my fuzzy blue slippers. We expected a litter of blue booties.


It stopped only when the slippers wore out. He never found another love in all his 18 years.

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Well Tuck only did his bear and he did till they day he died at 11months. Can't tell ya if it would have continued but I feel like it would have. We would see him going to town all of sudden in the living room ( oh he was neutered) and we would just say Tuck go get a room. Tuck occassionally would look at us but went back to his bear. Ahhha the bear was a blue hartz teddy bear chenille material. Anyone wanna do a survey on the color of the objects of affection?

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