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off-topic: Working PWD's

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Hey all, long time for most. I have a friend looking to get a Port. Water Dog and she's found this show champion one from foofoo breeder. Anyone know if there is a difference between working and show PWD's? She wants a working-type one. I figured pro-working types like on this board might be familiar with the plights of other breeds. Any links or such greatly appreciated; I've got zero time to research this myself and want to help her get a good dog.


If you have anything, please email me, as I rarely check this site anymore.

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I'm not too sure what you mean by "working", water trials?

A good friend of mine breeds PWDs and competes in agility with them. Hers are heavier and a touch slower than my BC but very quick and accurate on the course.

She has one black female pup left from her most recent litter. If your friend is interested PM me and I will get you her contact info (she is located up here in Canada but shipping arrangements could be worked out I would imagine).

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