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Kip's Having Puppies...


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I just love that title. Kip's Having Puppies...as opposed to Kittens? Anyway!


I left for work as usual this morning...Kip was in her room with all her pretty stuff and bed and things. I got to work at 7. At 9 I came home to check on her and she was fine. At 11 I came home to check on her again and she was fine...and so were the 4 puppies she'd already had. One had JUST been born, so we took care of that lil one and since Kip decided to take a break, we went outside to take a walk. She did her thing, took a sip of water, we came back in and now we play the waiting game. She's just started contracting again so there's at least one more little one in there.


We have two girls and two boys so far. One girl is red, one is black, and then of the two boys one is red and one is black. Crazy.


Can't wait to see the next one, but GOSH am I going crazy.


I'll keep you guys updated...and pics will be up soon!

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#5 Just made his presence known. He didn't want to breathe there for a while, the little stinker - scared me to death. Then he screamed bloody murder and now we're all content once again.


Kip's doing SO well. She's tired, but after having puppies the size of these, geez, i'm surprised she isn't napping. She isn't exactly sure what to do with the puppies once they're actually out of the sac and such, but so far so good.


Did I mention these puppies are huge? And that Kip is small? Almost smaller than Recon. I don't know where in the world she kept them. No WONDER it was so easy to see them move. Wow.


Dunno if any more are on the way. I'd say a max of one more, if that. I'm camping out in here for a while regardless - but now i'd better go, she's eyeing the laptop like it's going to eat a baby.

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#5 Boy has Purple polka dots and green stripes....


Really, though, he's a lil black boy with a heart shape looking marking on his head. He's...fat. Not wanting to nurse, which is disturbing, so i've told the vet and I'm watching him.


Everyone seems to be doing fine...though Kip is VERY very tired.


I doubt there's any more little suckers hiding in there, so I think we're done at 5. Did I mention #5 is VERY vocal? Goodness.


Laura - she did not, thank the heavens, have them on my bed. Due in part to the fact that she was locked very securely in what we have dubbed the "puppy room".


RDM - Whichever one you pick out when you get here!


Gosh ... how am I going to be able to send these precious little lumps away?? They're so adorable.


I swear, though, the Border Collie gods have it in for me. When I got back in to BCs...I wanted a "traditionally marked" little girl. I came home with Combat, then Recon, and not even Kip is traditionally marked, she and Recon could be twins except for their ears and Kip has more black on her back...


EVERY SINGLE ONE of these puppies has a marked head and a solid white body. Totally unfair, considering the sire of these pups is a rough coated mostly black sucker. Well, I think anyway? I don't remember what he looks like.


And where the heck did the red come from??

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Kip and the sire both carry red, which is how you got the red.


I am not fond of mostly white dogs, so perhaps I will pass on a puppy. YAY! An excuse! I am safe from myself!



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We're still at 5... Of course, it was nearly an hour between puppy 4 and puppy 5, so...we could still have a 6th.


Kip's very tired, seems a bit weaker than I'd like. Of course, I don't do this every day (and neither does she) so I don't know what to expect. The puppies are nursing, she's sleeping. I got her to get up and walk with me outside for a few minutes but she didn't really seem enthused at all. She wouldn't take any water.


Going to keep watching, of course. I have to go pick up my husband at the airport in a few hours, so I'll have to leave her again. My neighbor will be peeking in on her every half hour till I return, though, so I feel better.


I suppose it's time to start cleaning up...I'm sure she'll appreciate a fresh blanket.


Puppy #5 has been officially dubbed Shrieker. He just hit an hour old and he already has more attitude than the other four combined. Vet is here to check things out so off I go. Thanks for the well wishes!

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Congrats to Kip and her midwife! It is important that all pups are delivered. You should see some serious hollowing out in her loin area if she is done. If she still seems full- have a vet check her. also, be on the lookout for odd discharge from mom. Mom also needs to keep hydrated, get water in her some how (some canned food, or cooked meat with water (mix it to a gruel). Don't use food she isn't used to though. This is great news, and I LIKE primarily white BC's

Can't wait to see pics!



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Congratumalations Kip!!!!! I'm sure your little babies are beautiful!!! Take time to thank your midwife


Aerie; I want one! Only prob is I'm in Australia.........and my mum would slay me if i came home with another pup, she thinks one is enough trouble!


Again, Congratulations!

Give all of the pups kisses from me,


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Originally posted by Belle & Pegasus:

Congrats to you and Kip! I want to ask you if this is your first litter you had of border collies? I think its great that she had puppy's! It's a great expience for everyone!


Kip is a rescue who arrived in rescue pregnant. Aerie did not plan this breeding, but Kip was in way too poor condition to spay her when Aerie got her, hence the arrival of puppies. I believe Aerie has said that the sire is known, but it was not a planned breeding. Kip is lucky to have survived the pregnancy and whelping the puppies. Probably her success at both is directly related to the great care she has recieved from her "midwife." So although having live puppies and a surviving dam under the circumstances which these were conceived (including the extremely poor condition of the dam) is something to be celebrated (and I'm sure it was certainly a learning experience for Aerie, who was kind enough to take this dog in), I wouldn't go so far as to say in this case that having puppies was a "great experience for everyone."


Sorry to sound like a wet blanket, but the last thing we need is to encourage the type of breeding that took place in Kip's case, even though we do celebrate Aerie's success at bringing Kip to a point where she could have healthy puppies and survive the process.


Way to go and thank you Aerie for doing so much for Kip and now her pups!



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Regarding the pups, who were unplanned, and are/will be quite an undertaking:


I think if everything turns out okay, the best thing to say would be "PHEW, glad we made it through that!"


Kippy deserves one HECK of a home, and those pups are VERY fortunate to be in this world.


Thanks Aerie, you are the best.



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Sorry to keep everyone is suspense, but a lot has happened since yesterday. The vet came over right after my last post. Kip was much weaker than she should be - the puppies, though, were fine. He told me to keep an eye on her.


She drank, she ate, she walked around - nursed the babies and seemed to be getting a bit more pep. About 10p.m. last night she started shivering and bleeding a little. I called the vet immediately and he told me to bring her and the puppies in. By the time we got to the vet (only 10 mins later, if that long) she was very lethargic and didn't want to even lift her head.


She stopped bleeding, we got her on an IV, and she seemed to be stabilizing. She continued to mother the puppies as best she could...we kept them with her the whole time to keep her stress levels down. I left at 1. About 5 a.m. I got a call saying to come back. I held her for a while and she finally just closed her eyes and stopped breathing.


She didn't die from blood loss, she didn't have a seizure...I honestly think she was just tired, deep into her soul TIRED and simply gave up after giving everything she had. Kip was the type of dog that anyone and everyone could fall in love with, she was sweet, determined to please, and willing to give every bit of herself without a second thought - she didn't deserve the treatment she had to endure.


Now, because someone was irresponsible enough to breed a sick, abused, starving dog, she has had to pay with her life. Five puppies are now orphaned. This is prime example of what ignorance, stupidity, and plain meanness can do. I pity the people who didn't understand what a truly great dog Kip was and treated her like so much trash.


My sweet girl was with us for only a short while. But long enough to, I hope, know and understand that not everyone is horrible and that she was for the time she was here loved unconditionally.


And now, I have to go bottle feed these angels that Kippy entrusted to me. Pics of the pups will be in the gallery.


Rest in peace, sweet Kip.

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