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Quick question on Zoe's coat...

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Zoe is now 8 months old. About 2 weeks ago she started to get patchy hair spots on the back of her legs (see photos). I'm not sure if it's getting any bigger, but we're still worried.


We've got her booked into the vets in a few days. Hopefully it's just a coat change thing, but if anyone has seen this before, I'd appreciate some feedback





And just to show that she is still cute...


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Looks like she is shedding the old stuff to me. Foo used to get that around the spring. I think it is the winter coat making way for the summer coat. As long as the skin isn't showing any signs of ouchies or yuckies, I wouldn't stress to much about it. Still would goto the vet tho, just to make sure! (My vet says i'm a mother hen, that's pretty bad since i'm 6' 3" 250 lbs. and a man!!) " :eek:


Oh your dogs are cute!

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VERY cute!! (the last photo :rolleyes: )


My first thought was also shedding. A lot of times that will make the dog's fur all chunky like that and even a brown/gray-ish color.


BUT, if the hair can not be pulled out (with a brush) and it doesn't go away with a bath and some time, I would still go to the vet. It just looks like such a defined brown spot....

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