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I've been thinking about some of the words people use to describe BCs- mostly people who don't know about BCs.

What kind of words come to your mind when describing your BC? Just for fun.

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That is the word! I have been looking up dictionary to figure out what this lady said. Dainty - not dante (duh!)


what does that mean anyway???

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I just looked up.


This is a nice word, isn't it


dain?ty ( P ) Pronunciation Key (dnt)

adj. dain?ti?er, dain?ti?est

Delicately beautiful or charming; exquisite: ?No dainty rhymes or sentimental love verses for you, terrible year? (Walt Whitman).

Delicious or choice. See Synonyms at delicate.

Of refined taste; discriminating.

Overly fastidious; squeamish.

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Yes... and I think it describes Oreo so well. Like when she pants, only the tip of her tongue shows. She has small little paws, a sweet little lick-kiss when she likes people... she's just all-over dainty. :rolleyes:

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We call our guys Border Weasels. Shoshone is actually a rare blue eyed red nosed Border Weasel, in fact. We started calling Sammi a weasel not long after we got her, and they do all seem fairly weasely much of the time.


Mostly, people just ooh and aaahhh over Shoshone - she's quite striking, with the blue eyes. Then they ask, do they really need a lot of exercise, and I tell them . . .


Ruth n the Weasel, err, Border Trio

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Clever, sweet, pretty, zoomie, snuggly, hoover (eats anything), lovey


She also has a hysterical sense of humor. We play this game where I'll hunch down and "stalk" her and give her the eye. She'll give me the eye back and be frozen. Then, as I get closer, she pounces, licks my face and laughs (you know that really obvious dog smile, only bigger - combined with a happy pant). It's a really fun game - I never can predict when exactly she'll break her eye and tag me - she ALWAYS wins the game.

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One of Kirra?s therapy dog clients called her what I call her sometimes ? ?precious?. Our herding trainer calls her ?Little Miss Kirra? ? from the days (hopefully now past) when Kirra would do exactly as she pleased rather than what we wanted! At times she is also ?demon bitch?.


Fergus is ?goofball? or ?goofy? (but lovely with it).

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crazy dog or crazy mutt

rooster (she wakes me everyday at dawn)


wacky little dog

little piggie (high food drive)

little Miss Ultra Hiker (she's the only dog

that will cover 20 miles a day with me for

several days in a row without quitting)



sweet Mr. Fionn


the "non-BC" (he's very calm unless there's

something to herd)

my little herding demon


People that don't know BC's refer to Makin' as "that demanding little dog you have"

They refer to Fionn as "the pretty white one"


People that aren't doggie people refer to them as "you know, the reason we don't come to your house to visit"

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People that aren't doggie people refer to them as "you know, the reason we don't come to your house to visit"
ROFL!!! I've never had anyone say that to me outloud but I've inferred it many times!
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Hi All;

I've been reading this site for a long time but this is my first post. Prompted by the "words to describe"! I have 3 BC's, Jamaica who is 2, Rex who is 3 and Luke who is 1 year. They were all rescue dogs from shelters. My neighbors "fondly" refer to Rex as "Tweak", since he always seems to be tweaked when he is running around!!! Too much fun and always entertaining!!!

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BCCrazy? Welcome!


The words I use to describe Mia in a loving way, of course!






She's a cheater because she never wants to bring the ball all the way to me - she always drops it at least five feet away.


She's a sneak because if you don't throw her ball fast enough to suit her she will sneak up and pounce on the ball to let you know that she is waiting..... still!


And crazy because she's crazy about her balls!


But mostly she's just "Mommy's baby".


Gotta say, I absolutely love this kind of post.....

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Tag has been referred to as Pretty Boy er eh, Handsome Boy, Mr. Obstinent, Daddy's Boy, Workaholic, the Shadow (because he follows right next to us wherever me move to), the herding maniac (came after he attempted to herd my mother-in-law while she was pushing the push-mower), and for some reason, people have problems with the name Tag (seems simple enough to me) but he's accidentally been called:


Tab, Tad by my boss, who now jokingly calls him Tad-pole, Tug, Hug (don't know where that one came from but that's what my step-son accidentally called him).

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Thanks for sharing all!

Sounds like a lot of you have a spazzy, precious and beautiful BC!



Jazzy does the same thing... I gave up on making her fetch and bring the ball to me after I saw three other BCs doing the exact same thing!!


What is up with that!

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I taught Mia the command "closer" to get her to bring it all the way to me but she always acts like I'm punishing her when I make her put it right next to my foot. I'm sure it's just another one of her ways to manipulate her mamma..... she has me wrapped around her pinkey toe! :rolleyes:

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I have called her:

Cutie Pie



girlie girl

devil dog


farm doggie


bear butt

freckle face

cookie (her spotted legs remind me of oreo cookie

dough ice cream)



Others have called her:

skunk dog (because of her coloring NOT because of

and of smell)

attack dog (her playful biting

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My husband's nickname for Tess is "Doodle." He has named my cats, too... Connie is Stinker or Boogs, and Mage is Squeak.


Really, though, we should have named the dog "Hurricane" or "Sneak" as those describe her much better than "Tess." :rolleyes:


Allie & Tess

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here i go;

field rats





crazy boys

cow chasers

cow pie chewers( yes they do)

all star championship zoomers

the wacko packo

and we recently hired a mexican farm hand who calls them; los perros locos

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Maggie is often affectionately referred to as:



vicious guard dog (she sounds ferocious when the doorbell rings or someone knocks)

crazy dog




Those who meet Maggie usually remark that she's:


really smart

well trained






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