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The "Alpha Roll"


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I didn't mean to be condescending, and my remark about the real world wasn't intended to mean that you aren't in it. Although I do think Philadelphia is borderline.


I suppose I ought to stay away from difficult spelling words like turd (which, to be honest, I didn't even realize there was a right or wrong way to spell) and use what I had originally typed, and then deleted in the interest of keeping the boards at least a PG place.


And Julie, I only wish my timing was as impeccible as you say it is. It took me weeks to be able to do something about that guy's nasty habit.

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Jennifer and Vicki


That may be true for many dogs, but with Bailey if he looks away without ever looking at me at all its because he is not going to take heed to what I say. With the roll I can make eye contact, give my verbal correction, and then he will look away before I do. That is the key-he looks away first. That means that I win. And in many minor situations all it takes is a look from me (with eye contact) to let him know that the behavior is unacceptable-and that alone corrects him without any verbal correction.


Sorry-I am not very good at getting what I want to say across in writing. But from what I have read if he looks away first then he is the one giving in. But that is what I did't say in my last reply-that he looks away first.


But every dog is different.

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If I may comment on Bill's example of a snotty pup in need of a correction.


I don't think what he did is an alpha roll at all. Matter of fact, when Bill first posted about this he said he does a "version of" an alpha roll. He never said he does an actual alpha roll.


If you read what Bill did to this pup, it's more of a physical correction, not a true alpha roll. The pup wasn't being dominant, he was misbehaving. If he were acting that way towards an adult dog they would've done something to correct his bahvior as well.


I know I have had to give a "scruff check" once or twice in my life. Wasn't an issue of dominance, but the pup had to learn manners and respect. Now I have a SUPER female BC that is in charge of teaching manners to all new pups and foster dogs. She is very good at it and since she is lightening quick she never misses. God I love that darn dog.

Anyway........big difference between alpha roll and physical correction.

HKM's Mom

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