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found this add what do I need to consider to rescue?

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Two male ABCA reg. Border Collies for placement. One has blue eyes and a white face, the other has a brown face.


I emailed for specifics and fees but if I agree to take them whats my next step to getting them placed? Should I have a rescue set up before agreeing to take them? I'm closest to GH but, I'm also in between the areas of mid atlantic and nebcr.


What if they were only chained to a coop would rescues reject them?

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Your best bet is to contact rescue directly if possible and let them know of these dogs. If they dont have anyone in the area to assess these dogs they may ask you to assess and hold them until they can get someone up there to take them. I dont know how GH works for foster homes and owner turn ins but I am a foster home for Mid Atlantic. I am about 2 hours south of you but there is another Mid Atlantic volunteer up near Blue Mountain that might be able to help too. I would collect as much info on these dogs as you can. Most rescues have a printable form on their websites for owner turn overs. You might want to check them out. Please feel free to email me privately with any other questions or requests for help.

1)why are they getting rid of them.

2)UTD on shots?

3)Ages, Medical concerns

4)behavioral concerns.

5)Make sure that they sign the dogs over to you and that they are going to rescue.

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