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I am purchasing a new house on 4.2 acres. Eventually I would like to keep some sheep for training. In my new township they require 10 acres to keep livestock but I can petition the zoning board of appeals for a variance. I don't mind petitioning but it is expensive. Has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing? This land is out in the country surrounded by dairy farms and up until a couple of years ago there were lots of sheep around.


Also, I'll have 3 of the acres to devote to sheep full time, the rest could be some occasional grazing. Is it unreasonable to think that I could handle 8 sheep on this amount of land? I do figure I'll have to feed hay.


Thanks for any info


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It will depend on the lots of things. How is the land currently zoned? Has the zoning board issued variances for situations like yours in the past? Will the neighbours complain?


I would start by talking to a township official (supervisor or zoning officer if possible) about what you would like to do, and see what they say. If they think it will work out, I would do it sooner rather than later. You should also attend a zoning board meeting, to get the feel of how things work in that township.


Have a plan that you can present, and ask for the variance to be for a few more animals than you plan on keeping, just in case.


I've got a field around 2 acres, that I can rotate 3-6 sheep on depending on the season and weather.


Good Luck!

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Laws will vary from state to state, but in New Hampshire to obtain a variance the applicant must prove four things:


1.) That the existing zoning presents a hardship (very hard to do).


2.) That the proposed use would not create a nuisance.


3.) That the proposed use would not detract from the purpose of the zoning ordinance.


4.) That the proposed use would not diminish surrounding property values.


Here in New Hampshire, I think you'd have a very steep uphill climb to get a variance to keep animals on your lot. No idea what the laws are like in Michigan.

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