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I was wondering if there are any raw vegetables or fruit that sheep should not have. I have started home cooking for one of my dogs due to health problems and there are lots of veggies involved. I usually cut the ends off before cooking and dump them in the feed trough the next morning. It is all cleaned up that afternoon so they appear to be loving it. I use potatoes, yams, celery, carrots, string beans, zucchini, squash, apples, pears, etc. Should I be concerned with any of this? Thanks

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I've never heard of any problems, but I can't say positively. Probably what you're using now and for no more than they're getting, it's ok. I would be careful of large quantities or if it's left too long (fear of spoiling). We always used to cut down the sweet corn and throw stalks and all into the sheep (my dad did this annually to my show stuff in the barn, and gave it diarrhea right before the fair - they weren't used to pasture/green stuff at that time). I've also given apples and watermelon rinds (they love watermelon) to mine.

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