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Ok to eat cow manure?


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Hubby hauled a bunch of cow manure over for me to use in the compost pile a few weeks ago. The dogs have been munching on it ever since. My husband is concerned about that and thinks it will hurt them. This herd belongs to the neighbor and is for keeping the pasture mowed, and for his own personal enjoyment.


Is there any harm in them munching on the manure?

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I was just mucking out the barn and it occurred to me that a really cool gift for dog owners would be the Crap Sampler. It would be similar to the Whitman chocolate samplers with all the flavours identified on the inside of the lid. It might contain your regular barnyard fare such as horse, sheep and cow droppings. In addition to that one could have more unusual flavours like emu and llama. One could even go exotic with the Zoo Sampler. I know my dogs would adore it.

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Thanks to both of you! Hopefully this will keep hubby from worrying unnecessarily.


Bob, that is hilarious! Absolutely hilarious!! Mind if I share the idea? :rolleyes:


I just posted this elsewhere on the boards but have to share because it's so funny!. This is happening now:


My husband went next door to the neighbor's cow pasture a few minutes ago to get me a load of manure. He called me from his cell saying, "The cows are all crowding around me and I'm hiding behind the truck. What do I do? They're going to get me!"


So I laughed and laughed. :D


Then he calls a minute later and says, "The cows stole my bucket. Yeah, the bucket is in the middle of the cows. How am I going to get my bucket back?"


I laughed and laughed. :D


I told him to shoo them away and he says, "But honey, they have horns!"


I'm still laughing! I guess he's just going to sit out there and wait for the cows to wander away. :D:D:D

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Did you realize that cow manure doesn't taste all that bad? Don't ask me how I know but Karen can probably guess, being a cow-ish person herself.


Miz - You are lucky that it's just cow manure. The ultimate taste treat for stockdogs is the calf manure when it's passing the colostrum it ate - rather mustardy-yellow, sticky, and the creme-de-la-creme of manures. It sticks to their teeth, too. Definitely a no-kiss situation.


Muddy Bob - I really think your suggestion has some merit as a money-making enterprise. Maybe a seasonal thing, like for Christmas or (better yet) Valentine's Day for yuppie dogs. You could use those little candy molds and make neat shapes to celebrate holidays, etc.


You could just go with the old standbys - "Meadow Muffins", "Cow Pies", and "Road Apples". How about the "Farmer Brown Collection" for the selection of livestock leavings?


Or, you could get really specialized. What about calling the zoo sampler "Zoo Poo". "Feces Fantasy" for the exotic excreta? "Fowl Foulings" for poultry poops only? And "Pork Pies" for the "other white meat" product?


Now, would the treat be considered a vegetarian delight if the "production" animal was grain-fed?

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I wouldn't laugh at the idea of boxed doo-doo treats for dogs (and we all know they'd love it even if we didn't). Several years ago, there were two ladies that used elastrator bands for castrating their lambs. They got the wild idea to collect the dried up "droppings" and sold them as key chains and I don't remember what all - under the name of No-Mo Nuts. It was apparently very successful at least on the short term of a few years. Haven't heard anything about it for years, but do know they made some money one it. Take a look at your pet store - how much worse could dried poop be than tracheas, hoofs, ears, etc. that they sell for chew toys.


Miztiki - while still laughing you should have sent someone out with a video camera - that sounds too good to have missed - although I've had a few run-ins with cows that I could have done without.


Sue - won't ask how, but I can just about imagine after having had an AI class at Purdue several years ago. I also know a vet that probably knows about dog poop. I had just stepped out of the room to get a cage ready for a dog the one vet was giving an enema too, when I heard sputtering and a selection of 4-lettered words (this was in back, staff only). He had managed to mis-direct the stream and send it right into his face. To this day, I thank God that I wasn't in the room so that it was in no way my fault - this guy can be an idiot - was a deserving person of such an event. The guy doing kennels and I just about choked trying not to laugh loud enough for him to hear.

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I just use the name Muddy Bob for the anonimity. I thought it wasn't honest to let people think I'm really a Bob. I am more of a Bobbie. Anyway,

Mr. Muddy Bob said I just got on here to stir the s**t and that I enjoyed it far too much. Feel free to share the Crap Sampler idea.

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