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Where to get sheep?

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Sarah, Folks like you make it all worthwhile!


And, to all of you who post good advice and information (and you know who you are), I appreciate it very much. This is a great place to ask questions, read, and learn.

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Oh, please don't think the posts are a waste of time...while you are trying to educate someone who DOENS'T want to listen, you are giving me (and likely many others) TONS of valuable information and points to consider. I'm still working on my '5 year plan' (which as I've said before, may not happen) for getting some sheep, but at least I'll be able to make a reasonably informed decision...thanks to folks like you!

Keep up the good work :rolleyes: and keep those opinions coming...I found that there is no dumb question that won't be answered thoughtfully

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I'm with them, not a waste at all. You guys are so patient, very knowledgeable, willing to share, and I really appreciate it. I have learned so much from reading these types of threads. People that come here with a chip on their shoulder and the desire to be parrotted as right by the people here are not going to learn anything. Unfortunate for them it is.


Thank you all. I am grateful.

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Well, I was going to post some helpful information until I read the last few post. Everyone on this board has always been helpful to me. If it such a bad place why are you still here?


Oh well, here is my advice: go to the local library and get several books on sheep. Storey has a great one. Read it several times then decide if you want sheep. The sheep can and will graze with the horse and cattle. After reading these books, then choose a breed. Search the web for the breed club/association. Locate local breeders and visit them. Most will be willing to mentor you. From when I first decided to acquire sheep until I did was about 6 months. Granted I have over 30 years of livestock experience, we had never had sheep. The breed is not as important as what you need. Do you want to shear? Are you prepared for lambing? You may consider some weathers (castrated males) so you have no lambing concerns. If you just want some cheap sheep, go to your local livestock action. Then call your vet to vaccinate, worm, test and health check them. Also purchase sheep feed without copper as copper can kill them. Then there are the minerals and much more. Most breeds are not hardy without shelter. They will need lots of hay in winter.


Keeping sheep can be rewarding and enjoyable. But many have miserably failed in the attempt. You will also need a LGD (livestock guardian dog) to protect the sheep from predators. I know of one shepherd just this week that lost an Anatolian Shepherd to a cougar. A friend has a Great Pyreneese that will not come out of the barn after a cougar attack. Predators that would avoid cattle and horses will attack sheep. Then you have to be careful when moving the sheep with your border collie or the LGD may mistake your BC for a predator and kill it. (It has been done). Hope this helps.


Hall Farms

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