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New to Sheepdog Finals (spectator)


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Hi folks,

I'm thinking about making plans to attend the National Sheepdog Finals in Gettysburg, PA this year. This would be my first time attending something like this, and I'm hoping for some advice. Here's what I know so far:


We will probably try to find camping accommodations off-site. Mostly because I saw where there are no hook-ups for electric and we would have to run our generator in our RV. This would be very noisy for other campers so we will try to find a nearby campsite.


That's it. I know nothing about admissions price-I did see that

spectators can sponsor a dog--does that mean anyone? And do the passes allow spectators to run in and out all day? We will need to go back and forth to our campsite and tend to Polly as needed.


Are there certain days that are "Must Not Miss!" during the duration of the week?


Is the spectator area covered? I would need to pay attention to rain/sun items that would need to be packed if it's an uncovered bleacher situation.


What else do I need to know? I have a call and email into the Sheepdog Finals websites that I found. I'm trying to find out as much as I can before I make campground arrangements.



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Hi. The finals can be great to watch. I'll answer as much as I can for you. As for camping, not sure if they are allowing spectators to camp, but competitors generally have their generators running a fair amount, so not sure you;s would make much difference...I don't know about the sponsor thing, but I'm pretty sure they'll gladly take anyone's money :rolleyes: ...don't know about admissions, as I've always gone as a competitor (or setout), but I don't seem to recall any admissions charged. If there is, though, I would think they'd have a hand stamp so you could come and go. For sure, you'll want to see the last day--the double-lift finals--the best of the best, as they say. As for covered areas, who knows? The finals move around every year, so the ammenities are always quite varied. But I'm sure someone on the local committes could answer that for you.

Hope that helps some, and enjoy!!


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Sponsoring a dog will get you two 2-day passes, based upon the sponsorship form on the finals website.

With your donation, you will receive:


 Listing in souvenir trial program next to your dog and on the official 2007 National Finals website www.sheepdogfinals2007.com

 Recognition as the sponsor of the dog each time your dog runs

 Gate passes for 2 for two days

 2007 Souvenir Trial Program

 Custom National Finals Hat

And according to this you'll be able to camp onsite with a dog sponsorship





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Thanks for your responses. I received an email and phone call from the staff--filled me in on more details. They are working on getting the website PayPal- friendly so that tickets and packages can be ordered from the website. Whatever choice, they seem to think that hands will be stamped so we can leave the site to care for our dog during the day. We may bring her over for part of the day...


Camping is available for spectators, but we will likely camp off-site, we really do try to limit generator noise to Walmart parking lots when we are traveling. I hate running that thing. It bugs me as much as it might bother other campers.


I'm so new to these events that I am glad that I spoke with these folks. I'm not sure I would have thought to bring lawn chairs :rolleyes: Silly of me to assume that bleachers would be available.


I'm excited! Thanks again for your help.


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