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What a great way to start the New year

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It was a rough year last year and we survived...so it was a real pleasure to see a new lamb born on New Year's day.


A Dorper ram lamb, big and square and full of himself. First time mom with great mothering skills.


Yesterday we had twins from another first time mom and they are nice lambs too. We also had lambs born during our 6 day power outrage. So far, 5 fat Dorpers (7/8 Dorper) lambs.


All healthy and fat.


Life is good. Life is grand. And the wee ones run and jump and bring a smile to our faces.


It's been a great way to start the New year.



Peace to all,


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Hey Cuz!!!


How goes it? We had a great end to last year. Scott (Kane's half brother) won his first Open trial . I got him a year ago from a cattle ranch and started to train him for trialing...and he won!!!


More lambs on the way.....whooo hoooo...I love lambs


Here is a webpage of Tess working lambs last year. She is such an awesome lambing dog





When are you folks coming out here? We have a room for you and tons of sheep!!


Be good, cuz!!!

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