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Results from the VA Trials?

Deb Mickey

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Hi all -


Again I have to thank those who made my time at the Frontrunner SDT such a nice time. Beautiful setting, challenging field & sheep, good organization & friendly folk. Thanks, all! :D


Can anyone tell me the results from the 3 trials (Edgeworth, Seclusival & Frontrunner)?


Edited to add: Sam, can I have a do-over??? :rolleyes:

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Hi Deb,


it was great to see you this past weekend. Glad you made it home safely.


I don't have all the placings, but in Open I know Florence Wilson won the first trial at Edgeworth and David Henry was 2nd. The second trial, Carla King won and Polly Matzinger was second.


At Seclusival in Open, Lena Bailey won the first trial and Denise Wall with KATE were second. My Bess won the second trial. I think Marilyn Terpstra won both Ranch classes and Linda Tesdahl won one of the Pro Novice classes.


At FrontRunner in Open, Rook won the first trial and then Renee Billadeau won the second trial. I don't know about any of the lower classes though.


I bet Sam/Robin will be posting results for FrontRunner here soon... whenever they recover from the LONG weekend! As usual, they all did a fantastic job. Thanks for all the hard work!

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