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They start at 10 PDT - that means we still have to wait a while before they start today, right? Or is is PST, in which case they've already started. I am just SO confused, as usual.


Good vibes heading far west for Terry's Mick!

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Cal is three hours behind the East Coast, lol. They have another half hour at this point.


I'm really excited for you Terry - woo hoo! Didn't I meet Mick when you all came down and visited us at the JK clinic?


I'm with Deb - Mick is one of my favorite dog names. I haven't used it because Michael is Joey's real first name.

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Thanks for everyone with kind words.


Mick is the Reserve North American Nursery Champion.


Haley Howard's dog Ross is the Champion.


I am still walking on water though.


I want to make it perfectly clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mick's success is 100% due to Scott Glen who did the training and the handling of Mick.


In fact, there wouldn't even be a Mick if Scott had not found his father Merc for me.

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I can't imagine how nerve wracking that was. You probably need to borrow one of my hubby's wrist brace now from hitting that mouse button over and over.


Very big congratulations! What a day for the diary - Cord drove across the whole field with no commands, Terry's Mick and Scott win Nursery Res., and Sam is speechless. "Dear Diary . . . ." :rolleyes::D

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