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Wildblue and USBCHA web site


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Been with Wildblue about a week now, generally like it -- it is fantastic compared to my old dial-up.


At least one odd thing, though. Went to the USBCHA site a couple of days ago, all seemed normal until I went to the Open Points pages which are not on the same server as everything else on the site. After a few minutes, all I got was "The page cannot be displayed".


Same was true for both the numeric and aplha pages on bot the sheep and cattle dog portions of the site.


Used my dial-up and got the pages to open with no problem.


Anybody else have this problem?





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I don't have WildBlue, but I do have a Mac and the Safari and Firefox browsers on a Mac have problems with those pages. Sometimes they open OK. Other times it can take 10 - 15 minutes to open, and sometimes I can't open them at all. I have tried on multiple different networks and the network makes no difference.


IE 6 or greater on Windows never seems to have that problem


The points pages aren't hosted on the HA site. They are hosted somewhere else and linked to from the HA site. It may be an issue with the hosting server.



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I have problems opening some ISDS pages on my dial-up at home, and they open just fine on the wireless at another location...


Hey, Colin, has it been hot down your way? We'll be in northeastern NC for six days shortly. If human fat would melt off just due to heat and humidity, it would be a successful trip for me...

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Sue, it has been in the nineties here (heat index 100+), so, is that what you mean by hot? :rolleyes: Sorry, just got back from the Myrtle Beach area - gack, it was unbearable there! Why do presumably rational people take summer vacations there?


Will you have time to stop by? Where will you be? We are a little southeast of Danville, VA.


I just got a MacBook and the points pages work A-OK for me.

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