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dog friendly hotels in Klamath Falls, OR

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The host hotel that was listed in the Finals info is $135/night. YIKES, I can't afford that! I was wondering if any of you have been to Klamath Falls and would have other recommendations for less expensive hotels, yet still clean and safe, allows dogs in the rooms and has a good grassy area to walk dogs. I'm not asking too much, am I? :rolleyes:


I've been online looking but I can't tell much from the photos.

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Try the Cimarron Motor Inn at (541) 882-4601. Stayed there for last years regionals. Decent, clean, safe but nothing fancy for around 65/night. There is a nice large grass field behind the hotel. I am not sure how far it is from the trial field.


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The special rate at the Shilo is supposed to be $99 a night. You need to ask for the KB Stockdog Association. I can't believe they put it under that! I have added that info to the web page.


The Cimarron is an OK place that probably has the best place to walk dogs. Their phone number is 1-800-742-2648. The Red Lion is nicer and is across the street from the fairgrounds (good place to walk dogs). That number is 1-541-882-8864. We have added several other motels to the lodging page of www.sheepdogfinals.com. The best place to walk dogs is actually a small, older motel by Tulelake. It is closer to the field and has big farm ground behind it. That number is 530-667-5242.


Feel free to email me at geri@bordercollies.com if anyone has any other questions.



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Thank you for all the info, Geri!! I called all the places you mentioned above, and then some.


Prices are not including tax -


Cimarron is $75/nite ($10 pet fee).


Red Lion Inn is $99.95/nite (no extra pet fee).


Ellis Motel is $48.60/nite. You can get a kitchenette for $5 extra/night ($5 pet fee).


Motel 6 is $44.99/nite Mon - Thur and then $53.19/nite on Fri and Sat (no extra pet fee)


Super 8 is $66.49/nite ($25 pet fee)

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Just to add to Christine's research, the Wild Goose Lodge (on the lodging page of the Finals website) has two 'cabins' which sleep up to 4 with kitchenettes which are $64.18 for 1 person up to $80.23 for 4 people. Their regular twin or queen rooms go for 42.78 for 1 person twin, 48.13 for 2 people twin, 48.13 for 1 person queen and 53.48 for 2 people queen.

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