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Circle BR / NC State Championships Open running order

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Dr. Ben asked me to post this to the Sheepdog List and I thought I'd include it here as well.


Circle BR / NC State Championships SDT

Lawndale, NC

May 27 & 28, 2006

Open running order


Handler's meeting at 6am each day, first dog to the post at 6:30am


Saturday Open class

1 Rogers Craig Jake

2 Luper Tony Maid

3 Henry David Fieldstone Britton

4 Arrendale Kenneth Hawk

5 Ray Barbara Britt

6 Young Anita Branch

7 Roller Wendy Beinn

8 Cearley Red Tubbs

9 Koval Christine Bess

10 Godfrey Steve Joe


11 Schreeder Nancy Mac

12 Reed Bill Ruby

13 Lad Lyle Shep

14 Tomlinson R.C. Dat

15 Lacy Tom Megan

16 Coggins Earnest Nick

17 Nagel Steve Molly

18 Schreeder Marianna Kate

19 Tesdahl Linda Jaffe

20 French Robin Spottie


21 Brice Norma Jill

22 Furman Sam Tucker

23 Bailey Debbie Dusk

24 Campbell Colin Scout

25 Hughes Vicki Snip

26 Parker Dwight Spook

27 McCaig Donald Jake

28 Maginnis Jennifer Cree

29 Langston Jimmy Dog A

30 Thompson Jan Hope


31 Penatzer Dee Rob

32 Saunders David Belle

33 Orr Susan Glenn

34 Turner Keena Kyrie

35 Holcomb Dean Lynn

36 Furman Sam Buff

37 Cearley Red Becky

38 Reed Bill Liz

39 Schreeder Marianna Rock

40 Langston Jimmy Dog B


41 Bailey Debbie Ben

42 Wilcox Vicky Kate

43 Brice Norma Lena

44 Lad Lyle Moses

45 Rogers Craig Luke

46 Henry David McCloud

47 McCaig Donald Luke

48 Schreeder Nancy Link

49 Young Anita Tack

50 Roller Wendy Dinah


51 Coburn Bill Bud

52 Coggins Earnest Scott

53 Ray Barbara Queen

54 Holcomb Dean Sky

55 French Robin Jet

56 Hunt Jason Zip

57 Koval Christine Rook

58 Bailey Lena Spot

59 Parker Dwight Trixie

60 Arrendale Kenneth Wolf


61 Maginnis Jennifer Bay

62 Penatzer Dee Slick

63 Saunders David Jake

64 Orr Bill Boone

65 Lacy Tom Peg

66 Paxton-Hill Steve Joe

67 Thompson Jan Spin

68 Godfrey Steve Jake

69 Tesdahl Linda Peg

70 Tomlinson R.C. Fran

71 McMullen Shay Lad


Open Class Sunday

1 Lad Lyle Moses

2 Roller Wendy Dinah

3 Lacy Tom Peg

4 McMullen Shay Lad

5 Henry David McCloud

6 Thompson Jan Spin

7 Rogers Craig Luke

8 Young Anita Tack

9 Schreeder Marianna Rock

10 Paxton-Hill Steve Joe


11 Brice Norma Lena

12 Penatzer Dee Slick

13 Saunders David Jake

14 Wilcox Vicky Kate

15 Furman Sam Buff

16 Hunt Jason Zip

17 Bailey Lena Spot

18 Godfrey Steve Jake

19 Parker Dwight Trixie

20 Schreeder Nancy Link


21 Holcomb Dean Sky

22 Coburn Bill Bud

23 Arrendale Kenneth Wolf

24 Cearley Red Becky

25 Tesdahl Linda Peg

26 Tomlinson R.C. Fran

27 Langston Jimmy Dog B

28 Ray Barbara Queen

29 Bailey Debbie Ben

30 Reed Bill Liz


31 Maginnis Jennifer Bay

32 Orr Bill Boone

33 Coggins Earnest Scott

34 French Robin Jet

35 McCaig Donald Luke

36 Koval Christine Rook

37 Lad Lyle Shep

38 Rogers Craig Jake

39 Henry David Fieldstone Britton

40 Thompson Jan Hope


41 Langston Jimmy Dog A

42 Nagel Steve Molly

43 Tomlinson R.C. Dat

44 Furman Sam Tucker

45 Luper Tony Maid

46 Hughes Vicki Snip

47 Arrendale Kenneth Hawk

48 Roller Wendy Beinn

49 Reed Bill Ruby

50 Schreeder Nancy Mac


51 Penatzer Dee Rob

52 Young Anita Branch

53 Bailey Debbie Dusk

54 Orr Susan Glenn

55 Campbell Colin Scout

56 Tesdahl Linda Jaffe

57 Schreeder Marianna Kate

58 Cearley Red Tubbs

59 Coggins Earnest Nick

60 Holcomb Dean Lynn


61 Godfrey Steve Joe

62 Lacy Tom Megan

63 French Robin Spottie

64 Turner Keena Kyrie

65 Saunders David Belle

66 Brice Norma Jill

67 McCaig Donald Jake

68 Ray Barbara Britt

69 Parker Dwight Spook

70 Koval Christine Bess

71 Maginnis Jennifer Cree

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I had a ton of fun as usual, met a couple more Board members, and slept on the ground for the first time in my life (wasn't half bad, actually).


And I saw my Ann's grandma in her first (and Jason's first) double lift!


Go Zippy!




Well, we made it - now what Dad?




And Ann and Tess's half sis, Maid, in HER first Open trial with Tony:




And Rachel and Keegan in THEIR first trial:




And the beginning of Laura Carson and June's first trial run ever:




And the end. June is happy about it, anyway - Laura was after she had given it some thought :rolleyes:



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Not much to say about our first attempt...maybe should have fit a practice in between the two weeks from our previous practice and the trial...oh well. It sucks living away from your dogs during the week. :rolleyes:


However, Jason and Zippy did great!!! I thought that Laura should be very proud as well - those were crazy sheep!!!

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Way to go Sam and Fred!


FWIW, the sheep *were* a little silly, but they had June's number pretty quickly. That black ewe really didn't want to play, and she had just had E-Nough.


As for June, part of the train wreck part came down to needing some more confidence - she *has* the speed to cover her sheep, but she is not consistent in using it. However, she came closer to taking control in a runaway train situation than I've seen lately, and she never stopped trying to bring me the sheep.


Even though I can see she is developing more confidence, she's still not quite "there" yet (then again, we'll see where "there" winds up being for her). But, yes, all in all I was pleased. Her handler of course being quite the novice made some mistakes - but I suppose that's part of the process. We have a LOT of work to do. It was pretty darned scary to get out there for the first time ever, and particularly in front of a bunch of people that I admire.


I thought it was a really great trial, and yes - the Ousley's are fantastic! Sorry you couldn't make it back Linda. I was quite proud of Keegan and Rachel as well.

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The novice course setup was pretty tough. I noticed several of the young dogs try to cover but then get sucked into the back of the sheep when they bolted for the exhaust.


Second the congrats to Jason, Sam & Christine.


The Ousleys were very generous and gracious hosts. Mary and I had a great time.

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Congrats on your very first open run Tony, you did a great job!


Fred sends his thanks...currently he is celebrating his victory by running around, peeing on a few trees, beating up Kat and rolling in the dust....apparently not one to let succsess go to his head!

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Originally posted by tucknjill:

Fred sends his thanks...currently he is celebrating his victory by running around, peeing on a few trees, beating up Kat and rolling in the dust....apparently not one to let succsess go to his head!

That's our F-red! Congrats on the win! :cool:


Hey, Sam, Dhu is coming in! :rolleyes:

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