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Florida Trials - Thanks!

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A little late in posting this, but I wanted to thank Steve Nagel, Steve Skara & Cathy McClure for the fun of the C54 Trial.


The middle of three trials held in sunny Florida in February, the fields were BIG, WIDE, and FLAT, the sheep were even and fair, the hospitality grand, and the competition keen. I scribed a little the last day for judge Bill Berhow and I thank him for his friendliness and insight.


It was good seeing my northern friends there and meeting new ones.


See Sheepdog-L for the write up and results. It was a wonderful break from the 20-something windy degrees of home! :rolleyes:

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Thanks, Deb, for rubbing it in! Seriously, I'm glad you (and all the other folks) had a great time.


I've been slogging through muddy slick fields with wind and rain alternating with frozen ground with hard cold winds and flurries. It's calving season, but at least the sun has finally come out to warm us all a little with a promise of spring coming. And I'm happy with how Celt is coming along - he's my right-hand-man at chore time!

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