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Spring's coming and that means multiple loads of mulch for several landscaping projects and some rock for the driveway.


Got a new Craftsman catalogue in the mail yesteday. Happened to notice a listing for the Loadhandler -- "turn your pickup into a dump truck". Basically it's a mat attached to a ratchet that you crank to move the load to the back of the bed.


If this works it would save this old boy's back a LOT of stress and make the job go much faster.


Anybody ever seen/used one of these?





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Hey, a non-controversial topic!!


My dear Colin, we have a utility trailer outfitted with one of these devices, may not be the exact thing, but it does work well. We use it to haul horse manure to a dumping site and the 4Hers have used it to sell prime aged manure to Master Gardeners, and they can operate it too. The only plus for us was to install a sheep of stainless steel on the bed on the trailer for easier sliding.


Good Luck!

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