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Pelt Salting & Drying Questions

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Renee and I have laid out 2 pelts on boards, cleaned them up (removed meat and fat), and heavily salted the skins. The wool is quite wet from the butcher and we were wondering if/when we should move the pelts onto something more open underneath so that the wool can dry. Also should we be concerned about hanging the pelts to dry because of stretching the skins?



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I'd be very careful about wire panels because the combination of salt and water coming off the pelts might cause the panels to rust, and result in rust stains on the fleeces.


I'll ask Ed tonight - he did quite a bit of tanning when he was younger.

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Mark - I just talked to a friend who has shipped many pelts for processing over the years.


If the wool was wet, he put the salted pelt where it could get good air flow, often draping it over a sawhorse (didn't ask which side out, but I'm assuming the wet wool would face out).


Even a day of drying in good conditions would be helpful, and a well-placed fan could really speed things up without heat or overly drying the hide.


If and when the wool was sufficiently dry, he would roll the pelts in burlap (not plastic) and ship them.


We have a number of examples of his product and we are pleased with them. There's nothing nicer than a nice fleece on a chair (especially at a chilly trial).

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