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HI there; we are the proud new owner's of a rescued three-year old border collie mix. Who know's, this problem may not be inherint to the border collie in her, but our 'perfect' dog is showing her personality after just two months...the one most frustrating thing is that she just stops on the way home from walks...apparently she does not want to go home. She will stop; then sit down; often in the middle of the street. Doesn't seem to matter if it's a short walk or long walk. Help...we have tried bringing treats. She is too smart to fall for it. Thanks, Gypsy' Mom

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You may want to move this to the General Border Collie Discussion as it falls more under that category.


But, anyway, she may associate walks with fun time with you. What do you do with her at home? If walks are the her highlight of the day it makes sense that she wouldn't want them to end. A friend of mine lives in the city with her 14 year old dog. He starts balking the minute you turn the corner to go back to the house. Walks are interesting and exciting for him.


It might help to play games at home after your walk. Something that exercises the mind is best. Try hide and seek with toys or treats, or work on training her to do tricks. Teach her the names of toys and play with her with the toy after she brings it to you.


When she realizes that the end of the walk does not mean the end of the fun, she may be much more willing to go home!

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HI Maralynn,

thanks for your advice. That makes a lot of sense; as when we come home from the walk we usually just get back to whatever we were doing; me especially, as I work out of the house and she usually just sits in my office all day with me. I did think that the walks were/are the highlight of her day as you presumed. I bet you are right. Can't wait to try it tomorrow.


Also, Bill's comment was about right! We do live on a cul-de-sac though and have left her in the neighbors driveway; dragged her back to our driveway, etc. THis is my first dog, so there is so much to learn!


Thanks so much. More comments are welcome.

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